If you have not seen this powerful film where Africa puts the World Bank and IMF on trial, you should. The film rightly compares colonialism, neo-colonialism, and the current predatory lending and cycle of debt, claiming that who is owed is not who IMF would like us to believe. Since the G8 summit ended by reaffirming the need for economic liberalism that contradicts its own stated commitment to incorporating concern for humanity into development strategies, this film is of particular import.

The film was made in Mali, though the court case represents the suit of the entire continent, and is French with English subtitles. It has been touring since February in the U.S. and Britain, since April in France. For those with region two encoding it is also available on DVD.

To see excerpts go to the website, I particularly like the first clip where a European official asks how globalization can be humanized and an African woman responds that the very question proves that globalization is inhuman.

2 thoughts on “Bamako

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to include this information on my blog. Also, how cool is it to see Danny Glover be apart of this film. I hope we can all look to his example – more than Oprah – for how African Americans can support Africa without reproducing an imperialist stance (this is so in keeping with his activism – and there’s a celebrity not caught up in self-serving stances on African charity). I also love the World Bank and IMF on trial idea. I can think of great ways to incorporate this film in teaching.

  2. it is funny, the IMF on trial thing reminds me of the kinds of extra credit options we had in my intro to econ class as an undergrad; or at least the way I subverted the extra credit in my intro to econ class . . .It is definitely teachable and well worth seeing analysis in the mouths of Africans since the Bonoification of Africa would have us believe only models and actors and famine/war victims come from Africa not leaders or thinkers.

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