GLBTQ gettin’ it right!

Many a time I have used this space to rally against the white middle class queer community for dominating the face of queerness with an image of affluence, classism, and racism.  I have used both personal and national news to highlight these problems and to demand that the mainstream queers get radical and the radical ones take back the movement.

In the wake of people like Ellen praising Rosie for her time at the View, utterly ignoring her racist comments about Asians and African Americans and her sexist comments about large female celebrities, and the story coming out of Boston about a Pride event called "Pride Idol" where a performer made racist comments about Asians and African Americans (hmm a trend), I thought I was gonna have to do a smack down today.  And this, when I have the livejournal folks running amuck . . .


But then . . . there was this news:

Massachusetts Asian and Pacific Islanders (MAP) and came together and spoke out against Pride Idol forcing Pride organizers, and Miss Kitty Litter, the host responsible for the racist comments, to issue a formal written apology delivered just before the Pride March!!!

Again over there in Southie, an organization called ask.tell.act showed up in mass for Pride, marching against racism, immigration abuse, the war, transphobia, and sexism.  They asked people to show out to protest the Pride theme of Ask. Tell. which they felt echoed militarism in a time where war and homophobia in said war are adversely affecting the queer and straight communities globally.  Not only did people show up, they were the largest contingent there!!

Pictures courtesy of queertoday and in newsweekly (where Miss Kitty is supposed to publish her apology some time soon).

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