Thirteen Guilty Pleasures: TV

A meme from MissProfe

  1. General Hospital – Jason & Carly, Lucky (Jonathan Jackson ONLY) & Lizkidtv
  2. Top Chef – season 1 ONLY
  3. Battlestar Galactica – Starbuck ‘nough said
  4. One Punk Under God
  5. Bloodties – I don’t know that I am”guilty” about that one though
  6. Free Speech TV – I am guilty b/c of the quality of some of the production but not the content
  7. Bad girls – me, hanging my head in shame
  8. Jeremiah – there were no regular strong female characters on this show, but two of the three women were strong and people of color, the third quickly dissolved into “the girlfriend.” (we should all be concerned about the number of futures imagined with little to no women in them or no poc)
  9. the click list short films – it is just so often one sided (male & white)
  10. Men in Trees – it is my northern exposure nostalgia talking (notice how there are no indigenous people in Elmo? & the Asian character is a stereotype – I usually go for a snack when she comes on.)
  11. Ellen – she touched Halle Berry’s hair w/out permission and asked if it was real (!) & claimed that black people have it better than gay people in America more than once (I don’t watch often, but when I do . . .)
  12. Work Out – Jackie did not bring the lawn jockey to her new home (I like to believe some one told her why it was wrong and she ditched it. If it had been in the first 1/2 of season 1, instead of near the end, I would NEVER have watched this show & it handles race issues pretty well)
  13. Dark Angel – lesbian storyline both good and problematic, but hey this was also before Jessica Alba said she “wasn’t really Latina” so . . .

I had to count syndicated shows to get to 13, but my excuse is that I don’t watch 13 shows on tv and some of the syndicated ones I only discovered this year or am currently watching them in rerun.


2 thoughts on “Thirteen Guilty Pleasures: TV

  1. Great list, prof! Actually, the meme is not mine. It is a weekly meme called Thursday Thirteen. There is no assigned topic. Participants come up with a list of thirteen things re: a topic that they’re feeling. It’s a nice way to meet really nice people. Here’s the link to learn more:

  2. well then, anyone can play. That’s cool. :DI’ll have to think up something for next Thursday (maybe a little less embarrassing)

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