Thursday 13 – Comfort Meals

Ok, snarky lurkers, I do not need any comments saying “it is not Thursday.” I was busy Thursday rescuing neglected and abused dogs (I wish I was making that up b/c the conditions had me dry hurling). Then I decided to be funny. Good thing my friends laugh at me.

So anyway, I almost wrote 13 musicians I really like . . . but that was just insecurity about people thinking the previous post was more than me saying “silly. silly. stupid. stupid.” to the world.

So without further ado. My 13 favorite Comfort Meals in no particular order:

  1. L’s nachos – a staple in undergrad and the only thing L could “cook.” Yellow corn tortillas, splashed liberally with salsa, 1/2 pound shredded cheese on top, all tucked into a large piece of tinfoil squished up around the edges, bake ’til cheese is bubbly. (Yes tortillas are soggy, as an adult I graduated to chilaquiles but go back to these nachos on rainy sad days)
  2. green chili cheese burgers and curly fries – I don’t eat red meat but when I make an exception, grain fed, angus beef, slathered in green chili and melted Tillamook cheese, with a side of spicy, hot, curly fries fresh from the fryer mmmm
  3. Indian tacos – made from the loving hands of A, my Schitsu’umsh badass fictive kin. Fry bread (ok, stop there and you’d still have a perfect meal), beans (they need spice for my pallet but A isn’t havin’ it), lettuce, sprinkle of juicy tomatoes, cheese. yummm. She makes it with mutton too, but that would be red meat.


  4. salmon, garlic mash, & steamed spinach – lots of garlic, wild salmon from the side of the road, spinach with spike. yummmmmmmmmmy
  5. greens and cornbread, black eye peas and rice – lots of pot liquor from the greens all over the corn bread (recipe in previous post) so good.


  6. lavender honey ice cream over fresh Maine blueberries on top of thick, dollar size, buttermilk or whole wheat pancakes
  7. stuffed sopapillas – infused with chicken broth, organic -free range chicken breast, green chilis . . . crunchy lettuce, deceptive refried beans (start mild and build to a burn in your mouth), and green chili & broth drenched potatoes. wooooooowwwww!!!


  8. arroz con pollo – lots of cheese, I like peas not mushrooms or nuts, & Goya with the MSG (I know its bad for you, but seriously have you tasted any better?) this and greens were one of the first real meals I learned to cook.
  9. tuna fish casserole – yep. I make mine with 1/2 a bag of shredded cheese, a drop of butter, noodles, and a whole family size pouch of tuna. it is just an excuse to eat lots of salty tasting cheese. (Tuna has high levels of mercury and should not be eaten by pregnant or nursing mothers & in moderation or not at all by everyone else. For me, it is like the MSG thing.)
  10. mu shu – don’t forget the plum sauce and to save some for the next day.
  11. Spicy Gai Pad Prik


  12. Tom Kha Gai – duuuuude sooooo goood. its so good that one of my friends who is allergic to coconut milk still eats it with me. the more red chili and ginger in the broth the better!!!
  13. veggie shepherds pie – curried lentils over a bed of sauteed onions, carrots, and veg broth, topped with creamy mashed potatoes (I put cream of mushroom and gobs of butter), melted cheese capping it all (I layer cheese on top of the lentils, then potatoes, then more cheese – why, its all about the cheese)


If your mouth isn’t watering, you are not alive. seek a physician or healer immediately.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Comfort Meals

  1. You like it sweet, salty, fatty and greasy! Signs you are enjoying life!BTW: Thank you for the reminder re: tuna. I’ve consumed a bit too much during the past week.

  2. I am actually physically grossed out by grease of any kind (including animal fat) but the rest I will own up to. The really great thing about becoming a vegetarian in the 80s while living in England, I learned most of my cooking techniques from Cranks (in Picadilly) & Moosewood which are both low fat, low/no oil; but in the case of the latter also high sugar and cream.You should see what I eat on a regular day, then you’d know why these were comfort foods. In fact, I hear the water for my Irish oats and whey coming to a bowl right now . . . tee hee.Tuna, both fresh and farmed, is VERY bad. There was an FDA report a few years back that basically said the levels of mercury were unacceptable for anyone but they only banned it for pregnant/nursing women. I want to tell you to stop eating it but that would make me a hypocrite.

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