Somethings You May Have Missed

While cleaning out the email files in my academic account, I came across these stories from 2006 that you may have missed:

  • Straight student at West Point writes a thesis entitled: Challenges to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. His adviser said it was well-thought out, well researched, and well written. He received high pass.
  • New project started to document Vietnam War related suicides has been started since the U.S. government does not count suicides as part of war casualties. There is a bill introduced in Congress at the end of 2006 to ensure war related suicides for the Iraq war are counted as war losses.
  • While some Texas ranchers are forming hunting parties on the border, other Texas ranchers are putting ladders on the other side of their fences. They argue that it is cheaper than fixing the fences and safer for the ranch animals who can escape if the fences are cut. Yet Supreme Texan, Yosemite Sam, thinks a wall will stop the tide.
  • Andrea Smith discusses Incite!, _Conquest_ , the military and social service industrial complex with gender talk (move the cursor to 1/4 left and you should hear her interview). All though the interviewers are some times ignorant in their questions and responses, Smith does an amazing job of putting the conversation back on track.
  • The Mexican government closed the Juarez case without prosecuting anyone nor finding out what happened to the young women murdered along the border. Families are disheartened but increasing their pressure, globally, to ensure the women are not forgotten.


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