Do you know?

As part of my new effort to shed light on people who do not get enough attention in our world of skewed media coverage. I am going to try and do a call and response here on the blog. I will ask if you know somebody, you all post responses, and the following week I will do a short bio post.

So . . .

Do you know who Anthony Soltero is?

2 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. I cheated and Googled him. I am not sure what to say other than that Assistant Principal needs to be brought up on charges and there needs to be a massive re-education of those we trust to look out for and educate our children. Anyone who knows anything about adolescent development knows that you do not say things like that to a young person — ever.

  2. that’s no cheating that is being proactive about your knowledge! :DAnd you left enough out for someone else to fill in the blanks. good on you!

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