More Sexual Assault on Campus

Three members of the football team at Villanova are accussed of sexually assaulting a woman.

I am linking to Superhussy here because she has some great links in her post and is discussing a case I certainly have not heard on the news. She heard it from The Field Negro. If you work at, attend, or live near a University you should check on sex crime cases and you should push universities to do something more than hide the info or slap on the wrist. All though most sexual violence is enacted by someone you know, what is to say that when these students graduate, you won’t know them?

Also, all though most sexual violence crimes are intra-racial prosecution and media tend to focus on interracial assaults especially involving black on white crime. The famous exception these days, Duke, only proved the rule that race and class mater.

Duke maybe over as far as the news and mainstream N. America are concerned but there are two things to remember:

  1. they were not found innocent, the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence (not the same thing)
  2. having been educated in the hallowed halls of private new england, I know for a fact there is at least one frat where assault of black women is written into the unofficial charter
  3. insider friends from Duke say the same milieu exists there (including the frat)

All though mainstream feminists and the largest N. American Women’s Studies list remained silent or championed Duke, it is important to note that the results of the Duke case certainly had an impact in the lack of reporting on the current case. As I tell my students, racism impacts everyone white people included. Had racism not gotten between mainstream feminism and its motto to “always trust and support the victim” maybe this all would have looked different, or maybe race, class, and patriarchal power would have won out anyway, but I guess we will never know.


One thought on “More Sexual Assault on Campus

  1. Thanks for linking from me and adding the deeper discussion of race and how there was little to no support for the Duke victim.

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