Thursday 13: Things I do When Sick

yep, it is not Thursday once again. Did I mention I have a problem with rules and deadlines.

Oh and I don’t feel well either, so it fit. (These assume cold day or chills)

  1. drink lots of theraflu mixed with orange juiceoldwithtea
  2. wear cozy plaid pjs and fuzzy “spa” socks
  3. take a long soak in epsom salts, orange oil, and eucalyptus oil making sure to set kitchen timer and put next to head so I do not fall asleep and spend hours in cold water (yep, I’ve fallen asleep in the tub)
  4. ignore all work related and toxic friends and family phone calls
  5. avoid whining – I hate it in other people so I do not engage in it myself
  6. write down fever dreams to laugh at or analyze later when you are almost healthy but procrastinating about returning to work
  7. get out the free-range, homemade, chicken noodle (I make soups regularly and freeze them in regular and double portions for rainy days and sick days)
  8. if coherent enough, boil a large pot of tea, put in “sick day” serving tea pot (an insulated pot that keeps contents warm up to 8 hours) and have garlic-chicken remedy (chicken broth bullion cube, large peels of onion, 10-25 cloves garlic) – it clears the sinuses and the phlegm from the throat
  9. drink “virgin mimosas” – 1/2 orange juice + 1/2 ginger ale
  10. eat warm bread – I keep loaves ready to go in the freezer and I have neighbors, friends, or special friends to come take it out so I do not have to worry about falling asleep or spacing while the house burns down
  11. ask one of those care takers to read me a story – I have a children’s book collection that works wonders for not sucking up their time and still entertaining my addled brain (some of those people have their own collections and they just pick one of their own 😀 )
  12. make a fort of blankets, pillows, and tissue on the fluffy couch and put on favorite movies (or more likely movies I am supposed to review for teaching later)
  13. update my blog b/c clearly I am doing that right now


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