4 Black Youth Killed in Robbery

Before I send you off to the actual news story, I want to note three things:

  1. though the blogger cites CNN, no national news sources covered this in my neck of the woods, nor do I trust they would do a good job if they did
  2. the youth were shot in what was clearly recognizable as asassination style – whether this was meant to signify to a rap audience (as those shot this way were new rap artists), part of a pattern of targeted disputes masquerading as isolated events (both myself and my colleague looked at the recent rape case and thought Tonton Makout), or too much media; we may never know
  3. WordPress singled out Honorable Media Blog to highlight today, ensuring a majority of users would have a chance to see it. Thanks WordPress!

Please go over to Honorable Media blog and read the details.

4 thoughts on “4 Black Youth Killed in Robbery

  1. This was covered on the Today Show the morning after it happened. It is most likely because this happened a hop, skip and jump away from NYC, the home of the show. In discussing this with my mother, gang initiation was what came up for us. Increasingly, in NYC and urban NJ, gangs have become very visible. However, there is something about Newark, the city has been plagued with violence for many years.

  2. These kids were not rappers, per se. They made music together as a side interest. They were all just regular college students and one was college bound. As the jail population increases and you have black males from all across the country in contact wtih one another, they have begun to create their own “sects” of bloods, crips, folk, latin kings/queens and nietas. Increasingly, Mexican and Central American gangs are also coming to the forefront and kids are joining.You see gangs that people thought were almost out of commission experiencing a surge. I have to be on top of this stuff as a youth worker. Gangs are getting smart, trying to incorporate and creating websites. Just type in “stacking” or “crip walk” or “blood walk” on youtube and you will see the youth who participate and idolize this culture.Gang initiation is no joke and has escalatedIt is not just the “jumping in” that many of us have known about. And lets not talk about the “sexing in” that girls go through!In Brooklyn, initiation has included: gang rape, running up on people and robbing , jumping random strangers on the street, slicing people with razors and murder.There was a case in Chicago a few years ago where an 11 year old wantd to be in a gang so bad, that he walked up on some kids coming from church and shot this child in the head.It has come out that the kids who were murdered were text messaging one another saying that the person(s) approaching them did not seem right.So sad.The police have made an arrest in the Newark shootings. Details to follow.Newark is a hotbead of gang activity.

  3. thanks for posting the info. just fyi – my statement was rhetorical.thanks to both blackwomb and superhussy for bringing in the gang piece as my post was exclusively about the media watch piece. so many angles . . . so much oppression.

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