Candidates go to LGBT Forum

Six of eight democratic candidates for president will participate in a historic LGBTQ forum today. The forum, put on by the LOGO channel, will pose questions about LGBTQ issues to the candidates, including partner benefits, marriage, health care, job security, safety, etc. LOGO offered the same opportunity to Republican candidates but none wanted to participate.

Even if LOGO is not carried on your area, you can watch the debate live online at 9pm tonight (6 pm for the west coasters). You can also continue to submit potential questions to the candidates through out the day.

2 thoughts on “Candidates go to LGBT Forum

    • Welcome to the blog DieplyAcill. I’m unsure if this is spam or if you are really asking for help. If you need to talk to someone about feeling alone and you are gay, you may want to contact The Trevor Project, they have trained counselors and support staff ready and willing to assist you 24 hours a day/ 7 dys a week.

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