500 years and Counting

Yesterday I came home from finally seeing Talk to Me to discover a lovely postcard from a friend in Toronto. When she said she was going on vacation, I said to bring me something back. Not a tourist trinket that generally bastardizes a community or culture. Not an unfair traded item from an immigrant or subsistence level person barely eking by. Not an extravagant piece of nothing to set out as a conversation piece. I asked that she find something useful like a book announcement, a useful quote or image, or something else that would spur real conversation and reflection. This my friends is what she sent me:


I encourage you to ask for the same thing from your traveling friends. You will be surprised what you learn, the conversations you can have, and the challenges you, your gift-giver, and any guests you show it to will be subsequently asked to meet.

As for me, this postcard is going right next to my blackface sugar packet from Panama. Both items represent an important part of our shared histories that are often left untaught and unaddressed.

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