Media Revolution

HTP to Kai for bringing this voice and this clip to my attention. I spend a lot of time pointing to slippages in the media representation of the world and the communities there in. Today, via Kai’s post, I bring you a speech from Deepa Fernandes envisioning media justice and media reform.

Let me also say, that I have not forgotten to update on the missing miners since my last post on the issue (nor missed the Latino faces of the miners they have chosen to give up on), nor the quake in Argentina, the recent anniversary of Hiroshima nor the deportation of so many community leaders of late, the decision by the U.S. government that the sentencing of Mychal Bell is not in violation of any federal laws nor the ongoing effort to reclaim New Orleans. I am writing my myopic posts precisely because there is so much to comment on, deconstruct, that it is hard to stare as boldly in the face of evil as I think we must in this moment.

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