Quicklist – August 26

While the world was preoccupied by the Gonzalez resignation, you may have missed these little moments in history:

  • Report on government phone tapping reveals that Telecom, one of the largest phone (cell and ground), internet, and cable providers was actively assisting the government in spying on its customers.
  • The case against Lance Corporal Tatum was dismissed despite witnesses from both the military and Iraqi civilians that he shot several women and children, in broad daylight, without provocation.
  • Report released that Iraqi citizen deaths are 2 times higher this year than last year
  • Same report says there has been a 50% increase in the number of Iraqis imprisoned in U.S. ru, Iraqi based, jails
  • Afghan opium trade has reached a record high, topping any previous drug trafficking in Afghanistan

And speaking of Gonzalez

  • The GOP has put forward Chertoff as an “ideal” potential replacement. You may recall, on this eve of Katrina’s second year anniversary, that Chertoff told NPR that he has “not heard of any starving or dehydration issues at the superdome.” (his statement was made on Sept. 1, 2005 – 3 full days after the hurricane hit and almost 2 full days after coverage began flooding the airways.) Chertoff was also the head of Homeland Security when raids on innocent civilians in N. America were at their highest and he approved the torture techniques and deportation flights to torture centers that have now been a common, though unspoken, practice in the name of “freedom” under Bush.

On somewhat lighter news

  • Obama arrived in NOLA to reveal his plan for reconstruction and insurance that un/natural disasters do not occur again.
  • Clinton and Edwards plan to tour and speak in NOLA on Wednesday, the official anniversary date

I have no doubt that the democrats failed to consider that using NOLA as a campaign staging ground and instant street cred when they made these decisions. In the same way, I have little doubt that the volunteer led gentrification driving NOLA residents out of the few housing areas left them was an intentional decision on the part of white volunteers to further displace survivors. Ignorance, greed, and ambition in no way excuse anyone.

Gonzalez is gone, the Bush regime and its legacy remain.


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