Quote for the Week – August 31

This comes from Teach for America Director in Texas, Jessica Shyu:

” . . . my mother being sick jolted me into remembering that my dedication to the work I love only goes as far as it allows me to dedicate myself to the people I adore.”

Boundaries matter. When you let dedication to your craft pull you away from life affirming people and activities, you do yourself and the craft disservice. If you engage in self-care and social network building outside of the workplace, you may find yourself realizing that the conflicts can roll of you as Ms Profe says in her latest post, that you are renewed and excited about your job like Jessica, or that it is time to go back on the market.

The beginning of the school year is a hectic time, and from most perspectives not the best time to be re-evaluating your praxis, but I encourage you to think about it anyway. At the very least, if you decide this is your last year at Suck U, you can spend the year building your CV, cultivating recommenders, and go out in style instead of a stress related hospital gurney or self-righteous tirade. If you find that you are blissfully in love with your job, as many of us academics actually are, then you will be able to discern the difference between the work and the stress and take care of yourself accordingly.


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