Ya Basta Immigration Protest

Ya Basta National Boycott is asking all of us to raise awareness in ourselves and each other, while protesting the latest slue of state decisions to render immigrant inequality concrete. Here is the plan from Hispanic News’ page:


1. Identify state that has passed a law denying government services to the undocumented

2. Identify state that requires undocumented students pay out of state tuition

3. Identify state, county, city or town that has passed a law requiring employers to verify citizenship or other for employment

4. Identify national and local advertising sponsors of conservative Republican talk radio


1. Notify all Hispanic and Latino organizations not to hold national meetings, conferences, conventions in offending states

2. Boycott all conventions in each state.

Protest with picket line all national meetings in each state.

3. Boycott super bowl advertising sponsors* in every state that has adopted anti-Hispanic laws

Boycott advertising sponsors of conservative Republican talk radio

I think the awareness campaign and circulating it is an important step toward documenting a history that is moving so quickly as to be erased by not only secrecy but also speed. Keeping these lists will keep the individual stories and events alive, based on facts, and thus make it much harder to turn the immigration issue into an “urban legend” or “that is just a story” moment. It will also holds states, counties, and municipalities accountable for their actions.

Already Identified Places by the Organizers:

  • Arizona
  • Pheonix
  • Virginia
  • Prince Williams County
  • Hazelton PA
  • Carpentersville IL
  • Town of Payson AZ
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Food City

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