Ruth Frankenberg Died

Ruth Frankenberg died in April 2007 of cancer. Her death is just now reaching the WS folk en masse. Frankenberg wrote some of the quintessential texts in feminist whiteness studies or critical race theory written by and about white women. Her books include: White Women Race Matters & Displacing Whiteness. Several of my mentors and friends were turned on to how their whiteness works as women through the former text and have worked diligently to dismantle racism in WS as a result. Without them, I doubt professors like me who had very few people of color teaching at their institutions would have found a path in academe.

She will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Ruth Frankenberg Died

  1. thanks Rachel, I know you usually have a larger audience than me. I ran across an interesting thread of student responses to her White Women Race Matters book that spoke volumes about a shift in race relations that your stats and alerts have also illustrated. I had no idea younger students thought the book was completely fabricated, misinterpreted, or manipulated information.

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