Another Murder

I have promised to post on the legacy of Castle Grey Skull (no not the bad cartoon, my new word for the White House under Bush aka Yosemite Sam) but I want to get the research for the numbers down and to post closer to the elections than now. So I am reporting yet another oppression motivated murder, with the simple comment that patterns do not emerge in a vacuum but are rather encouraged and signs of a larger dysfunction.

Satender Singh was beaten to death by assailants who yelled both racial and homophobic slurs. There has been no concentrated response from the queer community only the Asian one. As is the trend, I asked without real answer for the lawyers on the blog to explain, there is reticence amongst the police to call this a Hate Crime. Read More at Slant Eye.

Another interesting aspect of this case is that all though both assailants appear to be Russian immigrants no anti-immigration discourse has surrounded the crime. Though such discourse would be cause for equally disconcerting reportage on my part, the question remains: why is it an immigration issues when a Mexican@ is involved in a crime and not when white Russians immigrants are involved? In my opinion, the latter is the way both incidents should be seen: crime not cause for immigration reform.

In an equally frightening turn, the excuses from the liberals about why the gay community is not organizing or speaking out more loudly and collectively have already started showing up in the blogosphere. (I am not linking to any of it as you can see enough liberal excuses here and elsewhere on similar topics.)

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