Blackwater Back in Business

Foolishly, I believed the suspension of Blackwater after yet another massacre of civilians in Iraq would be permanent. Blackwater’s presence in New Orleans signaled both the decline of civil liberties and a redeployment to U.S. citizen policing, something that once again my girl at endless screed predicted to the denial of her undergrad advisors, but their increase in NOLA also signaled a decrease in Iraq. I don’t want to buy one freedom with another, but somebody being free on Yosemite Sam and VP. Voldermort’s watch would be nice. As per usual, the occupants of Castle Grey Skull done lied to us all. Blackwater is back in business in Iraq and still going unchecked in NOLA.

Some people have said I should stop poking fun at the police, the military, and the private ops people. They are afterall, dangerous folks.

I say:


ok I didn’t say it, but it was eloquent and it fits. Rage against the dying of the light ya all. (OK I didn’t say that first either but I rage nonetheless.)

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