Do You Know Haregewoin Teferra

Haregewoin Teferra is an Ethiopian woman who turned grief over the loss of one of her daughters to AIDs into a triumph over the pandemic.


(Image unattributed)

After losing her child, a priest in Teferra’s town brought her two orphaned children both of whom had AIDs. Due to poverty and hopelessness many such children are abandoned around the underdeveloped world and Eastern Europe. There is a particular crisis of children orphaned by AIDs, ie their parents and/or primary caregivers have died from the disease, or orphaned b/c they have AIDs and there is still widespread fear that the children can pass it on to the rest of the family.

Under Teferra’s care both children began to thrive. When word spread of the “miracle,” dying parents began to flood Tefarra’s doors with children in the hopes she could save them too. She has taken in 100s of HIV and AIDs infected children with no support from the government or international aid. Instead, she transformed her middle class home, first into a shelter and then into a hospice for mothers and children, relying solely on her bank account, love, and the kindness of people who heard her story.

Haregewoin Teferra is a reminder to us all how one woman can be a revolution. Read more here and listen to the author discuss the book below:

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