School Raids for Undocumented Students

Despite repeated decisions at the state level, in both CA and NM, that students should not be interfered with by ICE during the course of trying to get an education school raids are on the rise. Initial reports show the largest interference is happening in Arizona. Read Ana Castillo’s blog about the impact raids are having in her community.


When students of color are prevented from attending school, they are prevented from equal access to one of the major factors in future success and equality in N. America.

When schools are raided by ICE the message to the school is that some people are unsafe to be around and unwelcome just by nature of the color of their skin and their potential region of origin. It is tantamount to racial profiling in our schools that makes all Latin@s targets and ultimately negatively impacts the ability for everyone to learn and to teach.

As has been well cited in immigration studies, undocumented people pay taxes into the system but are prevented from recouping those taxes through access to education, health care, and social services.

Please write to the State Representatives along the border to ensure equal access to education for all. In the case of presidential Candidate Bill Richards, it might be worth asking yourselves if you want to vote for someone who would deny education to one of the largest growing groups in N. America.


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