Call to Action: Another Racialized Arrest at School

NEW: The latest info – The nooses have arrived

This comes from Eugene feat Shusli at Pudgy Indian via the comments on my Mychal Bell post. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it so I am cutting and pasting it here:

A young black woman was attacked by a Knight High School security guard in Palmdale, CA, for not sufficiently cleaning up the floor after dropping a piece of birthday cake on it. He subsequently broke her arm, then he and his buddy attacked the folks who were using their cell phones to videotape and take pictures of their attack.

The mother who complained was herself arrested and is now suspended without pay from her job WITH THE SCHOOL DISTRICT!

The young woman and the two who bore witness to the attack by taking photo and video evidence WERE ALSO ARRESTED for assaulting the officer of the high school security. [In addition to assault charges] The young woman was also arrested for littering as well.

The student who took the crude images with a cellphone has posted to youtube. Like the Burma protesters that got out the Burma incident overnight before the Myanmar government shut them down, youtube may in fact be one way in which the revolution is in fact digitized. The video is below:

Please keep spreading the word on this one as these charges will clearly stick with these black youths and the mother in their future endeavors. Clearly the mother will need momentum behind her to regain her job and back pay for the unfair suspension.

Contact #s for the School:

website (currently down)

mailing address:

Knight High School
37423 70th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93552

Phone: (661) 533-9000
Fax: (661) 533-0111

School District’s Office:

Antelope Valley Union High School District Office
44811 Sierra Highway
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: (661)948-7655 Fax: (661) 726-0673

  • Palmdale City Council (includes links to contact info)david vierra
  • Palmdale Superintendent’s office: David Vierra (661)948-7655 X225 (sec. email:
  • complaintform
  • SARC Compliance Officer (SARC tracks school compliance with the 2004 agreement and publishes a public annual report) Kenn Scott:

I am asking that everyone send in the official complaint form indicating this incident to both the high school and the school district fax. Please circulate this information including the story, the fax numbers, and the official school district complaint form. In your complaint you may also want to reference the Williams vs. State of California Case settled in 2004 section 2 which requires that all school districts provide “a safe environment” for education. The court case was originally about school disrepair and lack of books but of the three decisions made, section 2 clearly states “a safe environment” must be provided. When students are assaulted, especially after repeatedly complying with the requests made of them or in the process of documenting civil rights violations, and then arrested and charged for standing up for themselves the school district is clearly in violation of providing “a safe environment.”

Thanks Eugene and Shusli for the heads up!

Please also read update post & post for action on pro-slavery school assignment


55 thoughts on “Call to Action: Another Racialized Arrest at School

  1. […] Sep 2007 at 05:39 am | Tagged as: Youth, actions and organizing, violence against WoC Via Aleja: UPDATE: Prof Black Woman has a call to action! Introduction to video Video of girl being arrested *FOR SPILLING CAKE* Video of student who […]

  2. Discussing this with Sushli and our friend Ridwan, it would seem that the racist in white folks seems to have been emboldened since 9-11, as it were. They must be disavowed of this notion.

  3. No mention of the food fight that started it? No mention that the mother assaulting the deputy principal was the reason for the loss of her job? I agree that the security guard was heavy handed, but to call it racially motivated is a bit of a stretch.

  4. Are you white, bob? Minimizing is quite the white thing. Like saying there were only a million Indians here before Chris. Makes the genocide a little easier to chew. I guess calling the girl “nappy head” isn’t racist either. Neither is the term “redskin,” even though it comes from collecting bounty by peeling the skin off of the backs of my kin. Where you from, bob? Jena?

  5. Bob, forgive me for saying this, but you’re an asshole.Of COURSE it was racially motivated. “nappy head” isn’t an epithet used to describe us whiteys.The mother lost her job because she shoved a vice principal who was punishing her daughter (WHOSE. WRIST. WAS. BROKEN. BY. A. WHITE. SECURITY. GUARD.) and the young man who caught the entire assault in video. The assault of the GIRL, that is.I think that mother showed remarkable restraint.Why do white people always, ALWAYS turn events like this backwards, sideways, and on their heads to prove they’re NOT racist? Of f***ing COURSE they are.

  6. As a white person, I find this incident one of the worst cases of police/security guard brutality I have read about. I have no doubt that many of my white friends would feel the same way. This incident is already horrific without turning it into more racial stereotypes. I don’t have to remind you all that a white woman mysteriously died in police custody at an Arizona airport yesterday.And because I almost walked past a security checkpoint at an airport due to sensory overload, I came very close to being the subject of rough treatment. I have alerted people on my emails list and notified a friend in LA to please protest. I will continue to do what I can to get the word out.Please lets not stereotype people racially and concentrate on getting rid of the facist state we now live in.AA

  7. she dropped a piece of cake, which is, at the very worst: littering.and the level of force required was enough to BREAK HER WRIST? what.the.fuck.even if she was saying the most horrible things possible, the security guard is supposed to be an adult and as a ‘security’ guard, frankly, he is and should be able to handle whatever a 15 year old girl can say.

  8. Even if they were having a huuuge food fight, there’s no call for breaking bones. Whatever happened to “you~! detention!” or “all of you! silent lunch for the week!”? There’s no need to injure people.

  9. This is awful. The guard needs to be the one on suspension. I hope the girl and her mom have good pro bono legal counsel. I will spread the word around with some lawyer friends to see if anyone is looking into this.

  10. first welcome to new posters at my spot! and yes I am still on blog hiatus.second – let’s try and remember the communication guidelines that have unofficially (and later officially, since I wrote them down) been in effect since this blog started back at the old spot – ie let’s engage each other.bob – I reported this story based on a message from Eugene, newsreports, and video footage. No one mentioned a food fight in the initial reports. *No one.* As others have mentioned, a food fight does not justify breaking someone’s wrist nor attacking people standing on the sidelines videocamming the incident. Second, when you work in academe, whether it is higher ed or grade, middle, or high school you, you quickly notice a pattern of language after the fact designed to protect the school. This same pattern of language is often used to describe people, mothers and students, of color whenever an incident occurs. When blog hiatus is over – possibly Thursday – I plan to post about a new study proving numerically that students and parents of color are punished more often and more severely than white students for the same behaviors. It is something that those of us who work in schools, who have advocated in schools, or who are students and/or parents of color already know but maybe it will help to see a study carried out by white researchers saying that racism in the schools is alive and well since the breaking of a 16 year olds wrist and the initial charge of second degree murder for a school fight in LA are not enough for some.Miriam – These incidents are on the rise, see my post on hate crimes, I think it was called “trying one on for fun.” In it I link to Southern Poverty Law’s report on the rise of hate crimes against African Americans, Muslims, Immigrants (particular Muslims, Middle Easterners, and Latin@s), and the GLBTQ community. SPLC does regular reports on “hotspots” in the nation and annual statistics on hate crimes. They are a good resource for tracking this kind of thing. I think what is different is that with bw and poc bloggers reporting, we are more aware of the hate crimes beyond our own living area than we used to be. I hope that awareness spreads across all communities so that people inclined to minimize racism realize that inequality both structural and individually enacted is alive and well in the Americas.Eugene – I’ve said several times that I am working on my big post on the legacy of the current regime but saving it for closer to the primaries because I want people to think about which of the candidates will do the most to dismantle or redress that legacy. According to statistics from the major hate crimes tracking groups, the level of inequality, hatred, and violence, has been on the rise for the last 7 years after a relative low period. In that same period, the number of hate based groups is also on the rise, including in Canada, after many were or nearly defunct and others had gone underground and become largely inactive. You do the math. Thanks for pointing to the hate speech by the way, it is funny how easily dominant culture can erase racist language like “nappy head” or racist behavior, like hanging nooses, in order to re-establish the myth that racism does not exist or that racism was not a determining factor. I recently got a call to watch Dr. Phil (which I do not do) because he had people from Jena on, during the subsequent interviews Baker’s mother argued that the white students in Jena had no idea that nooses were racist and would certainly not have hung them if they had . . . AA – it would help if you put a link to your blog in the space provided when you post comments so that people could read your blog about the airport incident to which you are referring. Clearly, since I am on blog hiatus, I have not posted on it. Not only will it help raise awareness about that incident with my readers but also keep us from being distracted from the discussion at hand (a racist incident perpetrated by school officials – security guards and principal – against 16 year old black youth) with a side discussion (the “mysterious death of a white woman” at the hands of white (?) security guards). Both deserve their own space for a more full and focused conversation, I would think.Can anyone update on the walk out?

  11. oh PS. – the complaint form linked in the post, is the official school complaint form and was generated as a result of the 2004 court decision ensureing, among other things, a safe environment for students. As such, these forms are recorded, stats kept, and taken seriously by the school district. It only takes a minute to download the form, fill it out, and fax it to the school and the superintendent and the impact will be lasting.

  12. We have a saying where I come from – “Play the ball, not the man”. Call me all the names you want, racist, whitey, Abo, skippy, asshole, straight-eye, faggot, I don’t care, I’ve ben called a lot worse by people who know me a lot better. When reading something you do not like, dissect it, work out what the writer is saying, (more importantly, implying) and how well the evidence they present backs up their stance, and try to come with an opposing scenario/view that fits the evidence they give. It’s called critical reading, and nowhere near enough people do it. Instead, the agree with what they want to read, and insult the ones that make them think outside their comfort zone.I get the feeling there is a lot of hate in this room, and I would like to start by requesting everybody takes a few deep breaths and start looking at this, and most stories of its kind, in an unemotional manner.Here goes:The mother assaulted a deputy principal. Nobody is disputing that. Since when has physical assault of any form been an acceptable form of dispute resolution? While the guard may (or may not) in fact be a racist thug who may (or may not) have called the girl a name they both may (or may not) consider racist, it may well be just as racially motivated as the mother of the child storming into a school and assaulting the school’s VP. I would bet there was some mention of skin color in that little exchange.There is a certain hypocracy around defending one potentially racially motivated assault while condemning another. Eugene: The phrase the guard is claimed to have said is definately a ‘racist’ term. I am not saying otherwise. I am just trying work out how the remark proves the whole thing was racially motivated. (And we only have her word on that, and we know that 16yo girls never lie)Tinfoil Hattie: You think the girl’s mother should have beat up on that white VP’s honky ass a little more? Way to go sista! Do you have a link to the video of the entire assault? All I can find is a couple of seconds worth.

  13. bob – please do not dictate communication to my readers while you are in the process of violating “the communication guidelines” for this blog & further using this as a forum to insert additional derogatory language. I have already asked that everyone follow the communication guidelines, I do not need a white male to reiterate my directions at my blog. If you read Mitsuye Yamada’s work on definitions of racism, you will find one of the more salient ones is when someone white speaks with authority in a forum run by people of color as if those people of color have no authority.If you, or anyone else here, wants to engage in a name calling contest or otherwise useless exchange you are welcome to do so on blogs that are set up for or allow that sort of thing. In the entire time I have been running this blog this is one of two times in which the communication guidelines have been violated, this forum has NEVER been about hate nor is hate tolerated from any sector. I’d appreciate it if you would read the communication guidelines and follow them, as everyone else has chosen to do since my reminder & most have done without a reminder.As for your question about how racist behavior makes an incident racist in math they have a basic formula: if a=b and b=c then a=c if a racist comment was made than it is racist. It follows that if a racist comment was made during an altercation than altercation is also racist. If this does not make logical sense to you, please read all of the threads on this topic as well as some of the text suggested in the historical reading list to familiarize yourself with the definitions of racism, the particularities of racism in N. America, and the events in question. (I recognize that being from Australia may put you at a disadvantage in understanding the N. American context which we are discussing here, but I would also think that given the racism leveled at Aborigines that you could find a corollary in your own culture.)

  14. I thought I was being rather reasonable, considering the rabid nature of a number of those who commented on the story. I never called anybody any names or insulted anybody, and ignored the insults (directly and implied) that were leveled at myself.For what it’s worth, I once spent a few months in N.America in a native american reservation and was at the receiving end of racially discriminatory bahavior the first (and only) time. I can’t even imagine how it would be to grow up in that culture, under those who have grown up in it before me. I was fortunate in that I was able to prove that the discrimination was unwarrented, and I ended up with many friends from the experience. I realise very few are that lucky.Being an outsider, I can see how all sides of the game need to HTFU and pull themselves out of the quagmire they have gotten themselves into. I can offer advice, but I doubt it would be received very well, so shall leave you with this one gem of wisdom from a wise old Navajo by the name of Joe Smart on racial equality:”I won’t see it, my children probably won’t see it, but I am aiming for my grandchildren seeing it”I can see I am not wanted here, and I do not wish to be in a place where I get labelled as racist just because I am perceived as a white male and question the accuracy of a web news story. Have a good day everybody, and please, relax a little. Profbwoman, feel free to contact me if you wish (the e-mail I supply is a valid one) but I doubt we really have much in common to talk about.*waves*

  15. Have a good day everybody, and please, relax a little.

    Jesus. Can I please apologize on behalf of white people for Bob’s idiocy? I feel dirty sharing his skin color.Bob, if you’re still around, that last line is so rich with entitlement as to be an absolute embarrassment. You did more than question the accuracy of a web story and you know it. When you got schooled, you minimized it all by telling the poor people of color to relax.You may just be ignorant as hell, but that doesn’t change the fact your behavior is asinine and it doesn’t excuse it.

  16. Caren – I think that there are people, not just Bob, in this medium who follow large stories like this with the purpose of distraction, deflection, or excuse. Whether they are successful at excusing or undermining the topic at hand or at redirecting the energy of the group by turning it into a battle is irrelevant to them as long as we are no longer focused on the problem and potential solutions. Our communication guidelines here are pretty clear that the purpose is to engage one another around these issues in a respectful and productive manner and I have reminded *everyone* to do that & everyone willing is more than welcome here (asking that we stay focused and further discussion is only unwelcoming to people who do not want to do that). In a case of oppression, Bob is trying to center himself as perpetual victim, even tho that privileged positioning is frustrating let’s not be distracted nor dragged into discourse that violates the guidelines but rather focus on the discussion at hand.

  17. I find this disturbing on so many levels.Of course, the excessive force to break a students wrist is the most shocking and stunning, but I find myself particularly upset that they arrested the student videoing this and his sister. I’ve found myself becoming a sceptical reader of late and I never take anything I hear at face value. Hence, if I hear a story about a security guard using excessive force against a student, I usually want to consider if it’s possible that the story isn’t the act of fascist brutality it appears to be. Considering this is a security guard acting outside his authority makes this a hard stretch, that he broke bones even harder, and that the student’s “offense” was cleaning cake rather than torching the school or beating another student to death makes this act of critical thinking nearly impossible. But when the act involves arresting witnesses the whole thing stinks of a police state mentality.Still, I *am* a critical reader and know there are two sides to every story. Has anyone heard anything from “the other side”? The student was arrested for assaulting the security guard. Is the security guard/assistant principal/school board still claiming she did? If so, what was the form of the alleged assault? What was the form of the assault of the student filming on a cell phone? Or of his sister? The mother was arrested for assaulting the assistant principal and said arrest was supposedly the cause of her losing her job. What was the supposed nature of *her* assault? On commenter mentioned something about “pushing” but that was third hand. One news story said the assistant principal told her if she didn’t leave the office she’d be arrested for assault. This implies the assistant principal considers her continued presence as an assault. Unlawful entry and intimidation, maybe, but assault? Can that be valid? Or is he saying if she *had* assaulted him and if left now he *wouldn’t* press charges? If so what was the nature of the supposed assault? Can angry words be considered assault? (I, honestly, don’t know.) If so, it seems pretty authoritarian to invoke charges as angry words are to be expected if a school employ breaks a students wrist. What is the official reason for the mother losing her job? Was it the assault? What would happen were she cleared or found innocent of the charge? Or was simply being arrested reason enough for dismissal? Or was an unrelated reason (whether we believe it or not) given?The critical reader in me might be able to dismiss the appearant racism in the story if the “nappy-head” comment could some-how be refuted. I might even be able to dismiss the appearance of condoned brutality but that would require a statement from “the other side” of *extreme* resistance and violence on the student’s part and any such statement would need to be backed up with a *lot* of substantial evidence. But to convince me that arresting the mother, the student with the cellphone, *and* the student with the cellphone’s sister is anything but a fascist attack on a right to witness and dissent, will take a freaking miracle!(I apologize in advance if my “critical reader” voice sounds like I’m doubting or dismissing the story as told or its implications. Likewise, I apologize if it appears as though I am criticizing the victims and/or empathizing with the school. Nothing could be further from my intent.)

  18. the school issued a statement, which I referred to in a subsequent post. The said they are investigating the matter, that “excessive force is always a last resort,” and that one of the administrators (presumably the principle) has been put on paid leave. They also stated that the security guard has worked for 2 years without incident and is “only 22 years old,” implying his age is a factor. Neither they nor the security guard have refuted the youtube video making the rounds which clearly shows excessive force. Nor has the school disputed the charge that no physical violence or threat of physical violence occurred at the time Majors was arrested. Even if they had, what makes us so ready to discount the real injury evidencing excessive force, the pinning to the floor (as show in photos and video) of people guilty of nothing but videocamming, etc. in this case (as this seems to be a thread in many forums including the one I quote in a subsequent post on this issue)?

  19. […] Fellow student charged after taking photographs of the incident. Article at Call to Action at Oh No a WOC PhD with information on how to begin protesting. And an update there too. Post at Vox ex Machina. Post at Francis L. Holland Blog. Post at […]

  20. FOOD FIGHT??? How about your kid comes home with a broken wrist because she was in the cafeteria during a food fight? And when you complain about it, they threaten to arrest you?

  21. She’s a 16 year old girl. He’s a what… 200 lb security guard – a supposed professional?I don’t care if Pleajhai spat in his face – her coming away with a broken wrist is wrong, shows an unprofessional attitude (at the least) on the part of the security guards. At worst, it could demonstrate a personality disorder.Neither trait is what you want to see in a security guard at a high school. Either should disqualify them from ever holding a security position again.The security guards were in the wrong for use of excessive force. Using a racist slur on top of that further demonstrates how poorly qualified they are for their job.I’ll bet Knight High School doesn’t fire those guards. Doing so would admit fault for hiring overbearing macho wannabes. I have a feeling this will go to court, and everyone (as already shown) will try to paint the victims as the bad people.

  22. The mother was interviewed on “The Front Page,” a news/talk program which airs daily on KJLH 102.3 FM (Los Angeles radio station owned by Stevie Wonder). she said that the basis of the assault charge was that she brushed past the administrator. This occurred when she asked where her daughter was, and her other daughter said that they had a security building behind the main office. The “assault” took place after the mother had waited for about 30 minutes trying to find out where her daughter was. When she initially arrived at the principal’s office, the staff claimed to be ignorant about the child’s whereabouts. Bear in mind, the above is the mother’s version of what happened, but it is the only version out there at the present. I guess the other side will come out when the mother files her lawsuit. Unfortunately, it will probably take her going to that level for her to get justice.

  23. Ok I have read all the comments. I think the security guard was out of line. It doesn’t take all of that to get a young girl under control. What happened to writting her up and letting her mother know what she did instead of taking matters into his own hands. I too being a blk mother would have been very upset. I get sick and tired of white people transferring what happened on to the blk person. Or what we call “Flipping the script” I get sick and tired of white people always referring to us as “Trouble.” I feel sorry for this young lady because down the road they are going to punish her again for this incident even if she is cleared. I hope her mother gets good legal council and put a stipulation that she can never be black balled for this incident. That security guard put himself abouve the law. this is a shame. The vice-principal needs to pray about wahat he is doing to this family. It’s a shame. The security guard is probably his relative or a good friend of the family. who knows. I applaud the person(s) who captured this incident on video. Kids mess around all the time in the halls, perhaps someone did bump her and knocked her cake out of her hand but to break her wrist this is a no, noI have been in the work force for over 30 yrs and they always want to refer to us as trouble when we walk int othe room. ” oh, oh here come trouble and they don’t even know me. I correct them by saying no my name is Donna. They immediately feel we did something to bring this on ourselves. I thank God I never had any incidents in school with my only daughter. .

  24. I haven’t read all of the posts but I wanted to make a couple of quick clarifications.1) The mother claims that she did not assault the vice principal . Rather she brushed past him, as he was trying to prevent her from going to look for her daughter. (The school denied her access to her daughter even though the daughter had a broken wrist. That’s kidnapping. The school is completely mum because they know they are going to have to shell out big bucks). The vice principal decided to press charges against the mother because the mother wanted to press charges against the guard. Of course, the police response was to arrest the mother and leave the guard alone.2) The student who videotaped the incident has suffered as much of an injustice as the daughter. Not only was he arrested but he has been locked up ever since the incident for violating his probation. WTF?! I thought you actually had to do something wrong in order to violate probation.

  25. Nothing has changed. The klan traded the white sheets for uniforms, the rope for a gun, and the burning cross for a badge. The new hanging tree is the courtroom with the grand dragon presiding as the judge. We live in a dictatorship where laws are made to gauge money from its citizens. If we spank we are arrested. But they maim and kill our children and get a slap on the wrist. HOW LONG?

  26. welcome jojo. Actually historically speaking the judicial system has always been unequal from considering african americans not human and therefore not able to access the law to jim crow segregation to the current period. There is a book on legal inequality based on race that sites several known and lesser known cases that I just picked up; if I like it, I will put on the historical reading page. What is frightening to me is not so much how this period is dissimilar to the period preceeding it, but how this period is more congruent with many others prior.

  27. This incident at Knight is an example of how an entire generation of Black and Latino youth are being treated as criminals. It is in line with Mychal Bell being shoved back in prison for his defiance to white supremacy. It is in line with the murder of Sean Bell on his wedding day. It is also an example of increasingly vicious moves towards a police state. Like the police/ICE raids that snatched 1200 immigrants in two weeks, tearing away parents from their children like back in slavery days. And it is all in line with the government tapping phones, spying on organizations, and legalizing torture. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!This system is rotten to the core. We need a world in which the youth are cherished for their beauty and creativity, and their defiant spirit is unleashed as a catalyst for change for the benefit of humanity. Humanity needs revolution and communism. Our struggle now can be part of bringing forward a revolutionary movement to change the whole world.Everyone should come out to the protests on October 22nd – the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. In L.A. it starts at Parker Center at noon. The march starts at 2pm and will end up at MacArthur park (scene of the police attack against protesters, families, and reporters on May 1st). Spread the word. Fight back, wear black!

  28. If you look at the updated news channel version,on this incident a lot of details are left out in regards to the mothers role in the incident and daughters injuries.The security guards actions and negative role in the incident is not mentioned at all.The kid that was on probation whos been in jail has all of a sudden had his house arrest ankle bracelet removed so im sure he will be working with authorities in exchange for beneficial testimony to the school.

  29. The incidents that occurred at that school is not the first, but the first to get media coverage in that town,and if this incident had not been caught on video you can best believe this incident would not have gotten the media coverage it did.If you as an onlooker choose to video the authorities actions and it proves wrong doing on their behalf than you run the risk of being prosecuted for …they’ll think of something.I don’t blame our system for being racially bias ,i blame the citizens for allowing this hatred to cum to this.Wrong is wrong.Theres no excuse for hurting someone to this degree.It seems that no ones concerned when wrong/harm is happening to someone else’s child because its not affecting them on a personal basis, but if you don’t nip this unacceptable violence in the bud while its happening to other peoples children,IT WILL BE ON YOUR FRONT STEP because these authority figures get use to dealing with situations in this manner and it becomes who they are.When you’re an authority figure you can never loose control. The system is so afraid of facing lawsuits/responsibility,that they’ll fabricate evidence and lie to exclude themselves from being labeled negatively.If they loose the support of society than budget/money flow will sink.This race stuff is bigger than black and white.It deserves more coverage in higher places.This ;BS; didn’t just start and i don’t see it stopping no time soon.The problem is we wait till someone gets killed at an intersection before we put a stop light up.PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE,THIS IS BIGGER THAN YOU AND ME.Its chess, it aint checkers.

  30. Hi,Yes, this is your blog, but I guess freedom of though and speech is not allowed here, especially if I am someone other than ‘woman of color’. Tell me something, if you could. Why does race always have to come into discussion? Why allow someone to mention the ‘klan’ when in fact it had nothing to do with an occurance at a school? Sure, the young woman is very calm on the camera now, but how calm was she in all actuality? Until all the facts come out, why specualte about race? Of course I can only guess, but from one person, it is amusing to read all your race comments and racist thoughts. Its ok for you people of color to say things, but the minute anyone else speaks our minds, we are the one who is racist, right? Go ahead and delete my thoughts, its ok. Nothing will ever change as long as you continue to talk about race being an issue in every disagreement.

  31. Les – comments are on moderation. I can only approve things when I have time to go through them. I know it is easier to assume I am censoring you then read the automatic response that says “comments are on moderation” in big red font when you post a comment, but everybody has the same wait time here. You seem to be having a problem with the difference between “race” and “racism” given your comments here and elsewhere. There are important distinctions between them. Finally, if you read through the Palmdale posts you will find that in fact the klan was involved or at least invoked by Palmdale residents as part of the ongoing incident, hence why it was discussed. I hope this brings some clarity. Next time you may want to read through the entire thread before commenting; it is up to you.

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