I’m sure some still think she asked for it

Megan, whose name I have refused to use until she herself gave permission to use it, who was held in West Virginia by white supremacists torturing and raping her (reported earlier on this blog) may have been held for over a month not the originally reported week!

It is impossible to read the transcript of her first official report of the abuse and not see this case for what it is: racialized and sexualized violence. Yet, like so many cases these days, I am sure some will come up with a reason for why she was guilty in some way like all the other black youth who have been targets of the racism the current regime has ushered in and officially and unofficially sanctioned.

We must protect our children, no matter how young or old. We must wrap them in the vigilance and strength of our communities and DEMAND that our schools, our legal system, and our government represent and protect them the same way they would for any middle class white N. American citizen. We are not guilty by nature of the color of our skin. We are not asking for violence, rape, broken bones or spirits just by nature of showing up to school, blogging, our using our voices at work. We are members of this nation and if this nation can no longer even pretend to care about us, than it is past time for us take to the streets with our elders and our young and forge a new one where fear and poverty are not solved through hate or unjust wars or victim blaming.

Megan, Mychal, Pleajhai, The unnamed N. Am. teen in Idaho, Juanita, Anthony, David, Satender, JR Warren, & all the others who have suffered, some died, some without our attention, we are working for and with you. Be strong.


One thought on “I’m sure some still think she asked for it

  1. Amen, Prof. And I am glad you’re doing this public service. I remember JR Warren as he was from the area where I grew up. We MUST protect our children, all our children. Let’s all work to put all this kind of violence and hatred where it belongs: in the history books. What do you think we should do, other than what we’re doing by raising awareness by getting the word out and lobbying our lawmakers for reforms to make sure that every citizen gets the protections guaranteed in the Constitution?

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