When I think Tolerance Day . . . I think Let’s Hang a Noose

This comes from James at Mahatma X Files: people at UC Fullerton arrived to celebrate a planned Tolerance Day to find the t-shirts they hung in honor of the day draped with nooses. read more here

What frightens me about this incident is a strange correlation I have begun to notice between schools who were hiring in WS or Ethnic Studies and noose incidents. If you are on the job market you may have to pass Niagra on a bicycle to survive the job.


6 thoughts on “When I think Tolerance Day . . . I think Let’s Hang a Noose

  1. Also frightening for me personally is how close I live to Fullerton.Look if there are any Orange County readers here – if this isn’t you then I’m not talking about you – but Orange County is a scary white racist place, and I am shamed but not overly surprised by this creepy horrible incident. I lived in O.C. for four months a few years back. I’m not just speculating here.

  2. noemi – that was my reaction too. b/c you didn’t spell it out, I’ll let it slide.Joan – OC is a scary place and now they are exporting their brand of hate up the coastline with their white flight. . . .

  3. I read it and I’m worried, disgusted, sad… I wish it weren’t true. But I also wished that during the World Cup in Europe when neo-nazi organizations from all over the continent mobilized in an attempt to promote hate through sport. I couldn’t believe the kind of merchandise they came up with. I couldn’t believe all this hate was released and happening before our eyes.When I saw the picture with the nooses, my brain’s initial reaction was to deny that something as stupid and blindly hateful can happen. But it keeps happening……I don’t know… would anything like resocialization programs for neo-nazis/white supremacists help?…

  4. That kind of blatant racism (a la neo-Nazis) is not “blindly” hateful at all. It has a very specific purpose:To shut non-Whites up and to remind them of “their place” in the White Supremacist society we live in. To terrorize, to intimidate, to threaten. Racism and misogyny are widespread terrorism. Period. Really really scary stuff Prof

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