Voyage of the Damned – Ahh Dr. Who (Spoilers)

For those with no access to BBC broadcasts, fear not, Voyage of the Damned is now available on youtube. 😀


This Christmas found the Doctor once again saving the Earth from peril. The episode, which according to a dominant read leaves us with only white male survivors is in fact yet another exploration of race, class, sexuality (oh yes, watch that with a queer eye), and humanity. I won’t spoil it, I will simply say that particularly the class analysis and its critique of the bourgie white hetero-patriarchy was particularly astute and the Doctor clearly comes out the champion of the working class among others. I even felt bad when the blonde almost-companion didn’t make it; the interaction between them actually made me pity (not in a good way) the doctor’s character so I suppose it was good that they chose someone else for the returning series. There are questions to be had about how revolutionary a story in which the rich-selfish-bigoted one (and he is all three throughout the show) not only survives but is richer by the end and all the marginalized folk sacrifice themselves for the greater good.  Sadly, my 2007 looked a lot like that so I guess I am inclined to believe the critical speech near the end that reminds us reality often works out that way no matter how much we would like it to be different. I don’t think the sentiment is anti-radical praxis mind you, particularly since the poor working class man ends up rich and with endless possibilities and the young queer ensign will most likely be decorated for his heroism when it is all said and done, I think it is a touch of realism in the series that makes it all the more likeable in its most recent incarnation.  In fact, Voyage of the Damned is the most watched episode since the new series aired.

I won’t say more, go watch it while you still can. (BBC is keeping a tight reign on this one, I don’t know why.)

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