Assoc. Black Anthros

The ABA has a dedicated website again! If you do ethnographies of race and you have not worked with these people, you are missing out. If you are a grad or a junior of color and you do anthro and/or ethnographies of race, you should really join. Some of my best colleagues, academic conversations, and opportunities have come from these folks. Check them out: here

2 thoughts on “Assoc. Black Anthros

  1. I am just curious, do any of these folks work with those who look at issues of race and art history/archaeology? I am an art history student who wants to set out to show that the ancient Egyptians were in fact black and I know that a few scholars have had this same goal before. I know ethnography is strongly related to art history…Hope you have had a happy new year!Thanks!

  2. umm, doesn’t everybody know ancient Egyptians were black? I’m a little frightened about people thinking Elizabeth Taylor is a real representation of an African queen . . .Seriously, I do cultural anthro but I am sure there are people in ABA who do archaeology, check the website.

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