You Need a Blonde One (Torchwood Season 2 spoilers)

For those in England, the Torchwood season started this past week. In the states, it will start next weekend. So what better time to drop a few youtube videos from the new season your way.

As you can see from the extended first episode preview above, the campy part of Torchwood is still intact. As is the ongoing animosity between the team and Captain Jack who has been missing since he died to save the universe. The opening scenes also give us a run down of the fundamental characteristic of each character in the show to some extent, all though I would argue that Owen is not “the doctor with his hands full of blood” but rather a broken man or an angry child. As you can also see, Ianto’s had a promotion hopefully transforming him from tea boy to an actual fleshed out character this season.

The first episode (spoilers) will see yet another sci fi version of James Marsters playing a time traveling assassin who needs the Torchwood team to save him from a DNA encoded bomb. Marsters, doing his best impression of Adam Ant in the 80s, perhaps with less make up, also takes on the dubious task of not only snogging Capt. Jack but being his ex-partner. The general humor and joy they take in the scenes together is well worth the watch, contemporary and canonized scifi jokes abound. I particularly enjoyed the reference to “murder rehab;” I suppose that is right next to homophobia rehab and racism rehab? ha! (And I am refraining from taking credit for the blonde joke, but really . . . I know you are on the blog ;P j/k)

In one interview late last year, Marsters said “It’s better than kissing Sarah Michelle.” Despite the obvious cattiness of the remark, the comparison has one other thing in common sex and violence.

As some may recall, the relationship between Spike and Buffy was riddled with what some call Sado-maso and others call borderline abusive in which Buffy is originally punishing herself, Spike then punishes himself, and then of course there is the rape Whedon fans dare not discuss. No such internal hatred is played out in the bedroom, on the floors, and against the walls, on in Torchwood mind you. Instead, Capt. John Hart (Marsters) and Capt. Jack spend a considerable amount of joyous time beating the stuffing out of one another. Often followed by a snog.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this episode is when Ianto gleefully starts counting down the minutes to John’s demise (seen below):

Clearly showing us once again that Ianto has more than a passing fancy for the Captain. His devotion is both adorable and sad given that Jack has no similar devotion toward him. Let me be clear here, I do believe Jack cares deeply for Ianto but Torchwood has made it very clear that Jack is a player. Though Ianto’s behavior is truly amusing this episode in hindsight it makes me quite sad for him, devoted to someone who cannot and does not love him the way he deserves. I hope in making Ianto a full member of the team it opens his character up to finding a healthy and fully reciprocal relationship by season two’s end. (you can read more in my Ianto/ epi 2.2 spoiler)

I won’t ruin the rest of the episode for you and there are definitely some surprises as the Torchwood storyline continued during hiatus giving us some things to learn when they return to the screen. All I can say is that it is a nice welcome back to the show that, in my opinion anyway, really had quite a lot of misses in amongst the hits.

PS. You knew I had to give you a piece with Freema in it too right?! She will be coming on as “the only one who can save them” later in the season.

10 thoughts on “You Need a Blonde One (Torchwood Season 2 spoilers)

  1. Your information regarding Jack’s feelings for Ianto is incorrect.John Barrowman has made a comment in TW Magazine about it being “refreshing that the leading man doesn’t always have to fall for the leading lady” whilst talking briefly about the Jack/Ianto relationship. Based on this information, it looks like the relationship with Ianto will most certainly be a serious one.

  2. welcome to the blog “anon.” There is also the very real possibility that he was being literal as that statement is awfully gender specific. Either way, it looks like Ianto’s part will be more integrated this time around.

  3. welcome to the blog winter. my suggestion, watch: Small Worlds, Greeks Bearing Gifts, They Keep Killing Suzie, Out of Time, & Captain Jack Harkness. These, to me, are some of the best written and acted episodes. They are mostly melancholy in nature and aire much more on the side of drama and pathos than comedy and bad CGI. It looks like Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (first episode of season two) has successfully figured out how to meld the humor, camp, and drama together so I am hopeful.

  4. I am ‘appy ‘appy ‘appy. cannot wait for return of Freema A. I don’t actually mind Jack/Gwen; am thinking pretty much they’re all gonna fall into bed with each other at one point or another. still, I hold out hope for more Tennant/Barrowman…

  5. belledame – having not read the interview “anon” brings up, I actually think that is likely what is being referenced. In the first season, the first few episodes clearly show Jack flirting with Gwen and being taken a back when he finds out about her and Owen. The obvious pairing would be him and Gwen, so choosing him and Ianto subverts that on multiple levels. I think making Jack a player also subverts the easily boring single relationship thing while following that same old storyline of the lead in a sci fi series who gets around.

  6. Small Worlds, Greeks Bearing Gifts, They Keep Killing Suzie, Out of Time, & Captain Jack Harkness.I will pop to the library and get the DVDs so I can select episodes. Freema is wonderful.

  7. Well, If There Is One Program I’ve Fallen In Love With It Has To Be Torchwood, I Have Boxset Of Series One, And Have Watched It Numeous Times, And As Soon As One Episode Is Finished I Start Counting Down The Days The Next.I Think Jack Is In Love WIth Gwen, Hence Astonishment When He Finds She Is Engaged To Good Old Rhys, But Ianto Is So Clearly In Love With Jack, And Tosh Has Fallen Big Time For Owen, (Who Wouldn’t?!)I Really Want The Woman From The 50’s To COme Back For Owen, But She’s Lost In The Rift. *SniffSniff* I LOVED That Episode, And They Keep Killing Suzie. Hmm… Anyone Know Which Episode Martha Will Be In?

  8. welcome to the blog Hannah. To catch you up w/season two (SPOILERS): Tosh is over Owen and has had multiple dates/interests since then. Owen is going to be killed and brought back as a zombie or so I have been told; the scenes I’ve seen he is alive and well and working alongside Martha. At some point, b/c of Adam, he will say he loves her though. Martha joins the show in Reset episode 6. There is much speculation that when Adam steals people’s memories, Jack will end up briefly with Gwen. All I have seen has been about Jack and his little brother, and also the way Adam messes with everybody’s character. There is definitely a wedding for Gwen and her bf ahead, they have shot the wedding scenes, though I cannot tell you how it ends up. In Sleeper, Jack told Ianto he loved him (in a round about way). Both John and Gareth have said that Ianto and Jack will continue their relationship and by season’s end Ianto will be even more devoted to him.

  9. ok. some corrections. Adam does reveal that Gwen likes Jack more than her boyfriend; however, by episode end she is back on track with Rhys. As I said, the wedding sequences have been shot already but I cannot tell you what happens.Thanks to Adam, we find out that Owen really does like Tosh when everything else is stripped away. This leads to the promise of a date that doesn’t happen b/c Owen gets shot/dies before hand (oh yeah, and asks Martha out in the process). I have to say that the Adam episode heightened my disdain for Owen and my concern for Tosh’s character which is not only passively desperate, as in other episodes, but actively so both in her acceptance/desire for what is essentially her rapist (lack of consent is rape) and her pathetic memories.I’ve seen Martha’s entrance episode, and I wasn’t thrilled. Her entrance was nice “in a dark night in Cardiff, a nightingale sings.” However, most of it was . . . We do learn that Martha’s immune system is unique, implying she too might live longer than expected if it weren’t for that darn alien bug they implant her with (no worries) and then the aging thing the following episode (no worries there either). She has a boyfriend, I think we are supposed to think it is the Doctor, but then they dispel that several minutes in with a little “do you miss him” chat between Jack and Martha. It is really all quite anti-climatic if you ask me.And for all you Ianto-Jack fans . . . Jack’s love for Ianto is what saves them from Adam. It is . . . well, it is one of the best things about that episode and that episode is really good. I also am grateful to the writers for resolving a major issue those of us who study race and queerness should be having with the Ianto-Jack affair: Lisa. Lisa is what brings Ianto back to himself, loving and losing her are his core memories. That fact stands alongside the truth of loving Jack in this episode and it is a nice resolution to a complex story.I also love that the writers are very good at carrying through bisexual storylines. The moment between Jack and Gwen when he asks how she could go back to before Torchwood is intense and serves to remind us that he has great passion across gender; I also think the scene with the admin at Rhys’ in that episode is *so* cute. It is nice to see these storylines, Jack-Ianto-Gwen and Jack-Ianto-Lisa done with such critical engagement, I only wish they would do the same with Toshiko. (Oh and there is one cute scene with Martha and Ianto that any romantic will love; much better than the 5 second jealousy scene with Gwen.)

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