E for Excellent


This blog has just been given the E for excellent Award for academic blogging from an academic blogger: historiann. The rules are to pass the award along to academics you think are doing an excellent job.

Professor Zero – talks about a wide range of academic and personal issues addressing the intersections of pedagogy, cooking, global politics, and being alive. It is a great blog on multiple levels and has international readership. (Many of us have international readers mind you, but over at professor zero’s they actually are active comment makers. It’s nice.)

Chasing the Red Balloon – Kiita’s blog combines mixed media, pedagogy, academic life, and personal life in ways that are both accessible and complex. Though you certainly cannot ever know someone from their blog (the part is not the whole) I have this feeling that if we met, we’d get along because I find her way of expressing things and the issues that she tackles moving every time.

Center of Gravitas – Its an academic blog that addresses identity, pedagogy, academic and social life while illustrating it with old comic strips (especially Wonder Woman) could there be anything better?


6 thoughts on “E for Excellent

  1. hello gayprof! I love your new snow post . . . :Dprof. cero – thanks. pero I checked your post and it says it doesn’t exist . . .

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