CFP: Feminist Zine Anthology

Rebel Girl, Rebel Worlds: An Anthology of International Grrrl Zines

By Elke Zobl (Austria) with Red Chidgey (UK),
Sonja Eismann (Germany/Austria) and Haydeé Jiménez (Mexico/USA)


We are zine activists who believe that the cut’n’paste revolution is an
important part of contemporary movements for social change – whether it’s
talking about messed up beauty standards, how to change rape culture, or
how to fix the wheels on your bike, zines are crucial documents for
everyday change, empowerment, and education.

To create a living archive of feminist zines from across the globe, we are
working on an overview of the international Grrrl Zine Network; bringing
together primary documents on a wide range of topics with analyses of the
strengths and challenges of the Third Wave feminist movement. Based on
Elke’s web site GRRRL ZINE NETWORK – A resource site for international
grrrl, lady, queer and trans folk zines, distros and DIY projects
(http://www.grrrlzines. net), we are compiling this anthology to document the
variety and fierceness of pro-girl zinesters’ voices and are looking for
your contributions!

The Book
Part grassroots history, part activist anthology, Rebel Girl, Rebel Worlds
is a pioneering text, consisting of a mix of essays, interviews with
zinesters, visual examples from zines, documentation of zine events, scene
reports from various countries, resource guides and manifestos – all from
a global viewpoint. We believe that zines are a vital form of alternative
media that provide stories, art, critiques and reportage lacking from the
corporate-run, male-dominated presses. Zines help us to resist the status
quo, engage with our feminism, and make a difference. This book hopes to
provide a comprehensive overview of this culture in order to introduce
zine-making to a broader audience, and to collect together some of the
most inspiring writing from grrrls and their allies today.

This non-profit book hopes to represent a wide range of voices and
experiences from the grrrl zine community. We do not strive for uniformity
of opinion, but hope to build a picture of dissent, skill-sharing,
collaboration and network building. This book will illustrate that grrrl
and ladies in many countries are working on zines and keep the feminist
movement alive and well! It is our aim that young women, feminists,
trans-folk and their allies across the world will gain a sense of personal
and political empowerment from reading this book, when they discover that
they too can take the tools of cultural resistance into their own hands
and contribute to the global feminist effort of dismantling patriarchy and
effecting social change.

We are eager for this project to be as collaborative as possible. Please
send us your zine, contact us if you know a cool zine you’d like to see
included, let us know if you’d like to do an interview or are just curious
about the project! We are open to suggestions and ideas! Submissions are
welcomed from feminist zine producers, editors and distributors from all
parts of the world (covering zines from 1980 to the present day).

Potential contributors could submit:

* Feminist zines (electronic or print) via email or postal mail
* Digital images from feminist zines (images, covers, photos,
illustrations, comics etc.) via email
* Interviews with grrrl zinesters
* Essays on the grrrl zine community and Third Wave feminism
* Scene reports – what is the history of grrrl/feminist zines in your
* Comixs on third wave feminism/riot grrrl/girl zine culture

The call includes, but is not limited to, zines which address the
following topics
– The personal is political
– Let’s smash patriarchy! Riot Grrrl, Feminism and Activism
– DIY revolution! Music, art, pop culture, and comics
– Ethnicity, race, colonialism
– Gender identities
– Women’s Bodies and Health, disabilities
– Zinemamas: Motherhood and alternative views of parenting
– The Beauty Myth: Body image and self-esteem
– Sex and Sexualities
– Survivor Culture: Abuse, Violence against women, self-defense
– Class, work and education
– Travel and leisure
– Religion and beliefs
– Environment and animal rights
– Protest, Dreams and Utopias

All submitted zines will be listed at A selection of
zine articles, interviews, essays and scene reports will be chosen to
feature in the anthology.

Please include, a short biography, full contact details, date of birth and

Zines should be submitted to or via postal
Mail to: Elke Zobl, Roemerweg 22, 5061 Elsbethen, Austria (Europe).

by Monday, March 31, 2008. Many thanks!

We expect to complete the book by June 30, 2008. (The book proposal
will be
submitted to a feminist publisher in the USA)

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