Urgent!!! More Missing Kids

I got this from Elle (I’ve transfered her post here), who got it from Sylvia. Without the feminist of color blogosphere I may never have heard about these children and their lives are in serious danger. Please spread the word as far as you can. (Academic readers, you too, you know we have the widest flung readership through our contacts, lets use that instead of talking about the latest book gossip ok?!) I’ve added the kidnapper Eddie Harrington’s photo to the post below. If you see him follow the instructions below to help save these children.

Eddie Harrington (KIDNAPPER)


UPDATE: Eddie Harrington sent a letter to his father telling him that he intends to kill the children.

The Harrington Children – Kidnapped on March 5, 2008

23-month-old twins Agena and Aliyah Battle, and 3-year-old Sedrick Harrington have been reported missing from Columbus, Georgia since March 5, 2008 . Their suspected kidnapper is their father, 28-year-old Eddie Harrington:

According to the mother, Eddie Harrington, her fiancée and the father of her children, may have taken the children because he thought that it would make her happy. At the time he left, Eddie was probably depressed and was not taking his medication. There is a picture of Eddie on the NCMEC with braids but it’s not the most accurate. Eddie is bald and wears glasses. Eddie is also described as a 28 year old black male, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighting 195 pounds.
Sedrick Harrington, one of the missing children, is three years old and has a birthmark on his right arm. Her mother told me that he has a speech problem but is a very bright and imaginative little boy. She said that when he was bored, he would grab a book, look at the pictures and make his own story out of it. Agena and Aliyah Battle, the 1 year old twins who always fight with each other but cannot go to bed without each other, do not have any known birthmarks but they do respond to their names.

When Eddie left, he was driving a dark green 2002 Chevrolet Impala with a cracked windshield and an Indiana license plate with the number 93-L4740.

Authorities are still trying to track down their whereabouts. The group of four hasn’t been discovered for five days. The mother has issued another plea today for people to keep looking out for Harrington and the three children.

“Agena and Aliyah has on a pink shirt with white sleeves and pink plaid pants. One of the girls has on all white K-Swiss sneakers and the other has on pink, white, purple, Nike sneakers.
“Eddie has on a black T-shirt with black pants and brown and white sneakers; he also is wearing his glasses.
“I’m not sure what Sedrick has on, but I do know he has on his Spider-Man play sneakers. Sedrick also has a greenish color to his right arm from birth.
“Please air this stating that they are still missing. I have not eaten or slept well since they’ve been gone. I need them home. I am crying for your help. I have tried to do my daily routine but I cannot function well with out them.”

The police are requesting help and tips.

“We’ve done a follow up investigation and determined he has contacts in Tennessee, Florida and of course, he is from Indianapolis, Indiana,” says Lt. Mark Starling with the Columbus, Georgia Police Department.

Harrington has Indiana license plates, number 93-L4740 on his 2002 dark green Chevy Impala. It also has a cracked windshield.

“If the vehicle passes, you grab the cell phone. Call 911. Let us know. Alert us to it. That way we can respond with units on the interstate or on county roads. Wherever the vehicle was seen and try and get it stopped,” says ISP Trooper Phil D’Angelo of the Sellersburg post.

If you see a dark green 2002 Chevrolet Impala with a cracked windshield and an Indiana license plate with the number 93-L4740, please call the Columbus, GA Police Department at 706-653-3400. Any tips on this case are appreciated.

P.S. See the video dedicated to the missing children.

8 thoughts on “Urgent!!! More Missing Kids

  1. welcome to the blog sarah. Have you thought about a blog campaign to raise awareness about your friend? That’s what is being done here.

  2. Thank you for posting something about Eddie Harrington and Sedrick, Aliyah and Agena. I know the family and am very worried about the children. The children are absolutely gorgeous and it just grieves me that they are not at home with their mom. Please keep this family in your thoughts.

  3. I do not know if heard in the news that Eddie and the children’s bodies were found Wendesday, March 19. All four were shot and it appears to be a murder/suicide. Please pray for the familes as they attempt to get through this time. My heart aches for this loss. They had a memorial service yesterday and the bodies of all four will be flown to Indianapolis for burial. I am sorry that I couldn’t give a better report of good news.

  4. I do too. My heart just aches. I have not heard when funeral services will be here in Indianapolis. I know there was a memorial service Saturday and they had a large turn out. I am so greatful that people you do not know, can be a source of strength in a time of need.

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