Thursday 13 – TV Personalities to Be

I am cranky since I got back. I am sure it is the story in the previous post and all the tenure talk everywhere . . . these things weighing down are why all my conference happy has run out.

So what to do? Stare at my navel in public of course!!!

For those unaware, anybody can do the Thursday 13. You pick your own topic. Link back to the original site . And add your post link in the comments section of the site so others can come by and read it. Simple.

Tv Personalities I want/ed to Be

(this didn’t start out as super hero list but clearly I am feeling the need for superhuman strength)
  1. Wonder Woman – when I was a kid, I found a lasso exactly like the one Linda Carter had on the ground while WonderWomanwalking with my older sister. I instantly became Wonder Woman, and for the whole rest of the walk my sister humored me when I yelled “I’ve got my invisible cloak on!!!” I used to play Wonder Woman and Bionic Man with the kid across the street all afternoon. When a new girl moved into the neighborhood and said “That doesn’t make sense, it’s Bionic Man and Bionic Woman” and then dubbed herself Jamie, we refused to play with her until parents got involved. She is smart, powerful, surrounded by women and smarter and stronger than the men she worked with and she always had this way of making them think they helped out too (the irony of which deeply amused me). Looking back on it, I think it was the knee high heeled boots and plunging neckline. Hey, maybe I am Wonder Woman. ;p
  2. Cat Woman (Ertha Kitt) – ok I just wanted to purr like her. And I wanted that outfit. She was also way morecatwoman interesting and compelling than Bat Girl who was always way too “polite” for me. I also loved that Cat Woman knew better, and was capable of being good, but bad was just so much more fun. There was something so unbelievably sexy about Ms. Ertha Kitt that no other Cat Woman pulled off. I was allergic to cats and I wanted to be her.
  3. Karen Walker on Will and Grace. I loved that Karen managed to do nothing all day but pick at people and provide the entertainment and yet she was indispensable. She was loyal and loving and soft on the inside but all attitude and detachment on the outside. There were multiple questionable momentskaren_walker with her and Rosario that they slowly cleaned up as the series went on, but sadly still smacked of the servant-mistress relationship I cannot condone. I just loved her high pitched voice and the way she would shake her head and say “honey.” One episode when she bounces on Jack and says “stay down!” followed by a series of Karenisms that are helpful, loving, and biting all while looking at her new nails, all of my friends turned to me and said “OMG you are Karen.” Yep.
  4. Jeannie – It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized how abusive Major Nelson was or how ridiculous it is for ajeannie woman to be locked up in a bottle by a man for being herself. I can say that the cartoon version with Babu however clued me in immediately to how racially coded the entire story was and made me look back not so fondly on all those references to Jeannie’s home. That being said, I loved . . . her outfit! I also loved the way she was able to get away with just about anything by smiling and batting her eyelashes. She was always trying to help and willful despite the “yes master” crud. And I liked the interior and exterior design of her bottle; when I was younger, I saw it like being sent to my room for mischief where I too would sit there scheming and batting my eyelashes in order to be let back out.
  5. Penny from Good Times – I don’t know that I wanted to be Penny, I just identified with her. She was this nerdy littlepenny girl trying to thrive in a crazy family, surrounded by racism and poverty. She was always the glue, holding things together beyond what her years should have required. She survived abuse and neglect and she was loved. They used Penny’s character to tackle a lot of issues, even though she wasn’t there as long as the rest of the characters, and yet, still managed to keep her age appropriate. I loved how she tackled things like drugs, sexual advances, school stress, and having an annoying older brother who embarrassed her regularly.
  6. Andromeda – She was the strongest battle ship in the universe and an AI who kicked butt and looked good doing it. lexadoigShe was intelligent, logical, loyal, caring, and funny. Her complexity was the only reason I watched that show, especially after it veered away from its original plot line. Though some might see her as tragic, everybody she fell in love with was either unhinged or eventually dating someone else, but the loyalty and love she inspired was pretty amazing considering she wasn’t human. And did you see that off ship outfit with the long coat? Who wouldn’t want to wear that?
  7. The Queen of Swords- Basically the female Zorro. It relied on the use of femininity as a disguise for powerful qosrevolutionary sentiment/action which if you cannot tell yet, I love. She thwarted colonial expansion and exploitation of the poor and women. She was smarter, stronger, more skilled, and certainly sexier than anyone else in the town. Though it wasn’t the best show around, it did infuse discussion of colonial westward expansion and its impact into Saturday mornings and I have no doubt my family was not the only one discussing such issues over cheerios. ;p
  8. Jayna of the Wonder Twins – tell me you don’t want to be any animal on this planet or any other that you can thinkWonder_Twins of to get out of trouble. Plus the things she transformed into were way more cool than Zan’s bucket of water. My gf and I still yell “form of” whenever we wish we could be something else and have also been known to tap fists under the table at boring meetings. (yes, we’re dorks. duh.)
  9. Jacqueline de la Peña – She was fun and loyal and all she really wanted was to be taken seriously and loved. Thougharacely1,jpg her storyline was sometimes pathetic, she was always way more interesting than Emilia’s pathetic relationship with her teacher or scary Iran. She also helped keep other heavier story lines from dragging the mood down. I think I liked her because she looked out for Lucía (who I liked way more than Betty) and all of her friends in the end. Ok, I admit it, I just wanted to go back in time and put all those sparkly clips in my hair.
  10. Storm – I was never as swayed by her earth mother/goddess back story that I found a little too something for me to get into, but I did like that she controlled the weather. She seemed to garner the most stormrespect of her peers and was among the most powerful. She was intelligent, compassionate, and strong. Even Halle Berry managed to do her justice, while of course messing with her hair. I love that she was chosen to take over after Cyclops left and then when he came back and demanded to be put back in charge she kicked his butt and got to keep her leadership role. She also saved the X-Men, kept them together, and rebuilt them. And yes, as much as I hate Halle Berry, as I get older, her teacherly version of Storm in the movie franchise is definitely the kind of person I’d like to be.
  11. Acrata/Andrea Rojas – She is another super hero I find myself more drawn to as I get older. Acrata acratacites literary references every time she catches a bad guy and has a cat named Zapata, how can you not love that? Even better, she likes to paint graffiti challenging authority on the walls of organized crime and capitalist big business after wrapping up a crime scene. Her powers come from Ancient Mayan symbols for dark that help her teleport in the shadows; her black outfit has the same symbols on the head piece/mask. Like all good superheros Acrata saved the world and Mexico several times. She is both a comic book character and a tv character (which is why she counts) with recurring roles on Smallville. On Smallville she is a fast running meteor freak who protects Metropolis from crime, primarily gang violence, whose mother is the original Acrata. Also on that show, she wears dark clothes and a leather jacket but no Mayan symbols.
  12. Firestar – Firestar because she was cool, smart, funny, and held her own with Iceman and Spiderman. She wasfirestar alsoway more adventurous and well-rounded than insipid Mary Jane and it was nice to see a strong woman in the Spiderman mix. (I hear now they have a female spiderwoman who is also Latina named Araña and a localized Chicana character named Firebird who was created at the same time as Firestar with the same powers; interestingly Firebird was an intentional character based around New Mexican and Mexican culture with the power to fly and direct heat. Firestar was created when the planned tv show could not secure the rights to The Human Torch. My theory – Firestar is the anglicized version of Firebird.mj
  13. Martha Jones – Hello! In my mind Martha Jones is one of the smartest companions Doctor Who has ever had. She saved the entire Universe while Dr. Who was held captive by the Master. She saved Dr. Who and an entire town when Dr. Who thought he was someone else and was treating her like dirt. She figured out the plans to stop the last of the human race and the daleks from taking over the Earth. She was also an integral part of the vast majority of the entire season. Though her turn on Torchwood was practically non-existent, her character showed itself to be more than the “why don’t you love me” school girl she often had to play opposite Dr. Who. She is smart, funny, strong, and stylish. I’ve written a lot of posts about Martha, so I will just leave it at that. If you don’t want to be or to know Martha Jones, something is wrong with you.

8 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – TV Personalities to Be

  1. Welcome to TT profbwoman. Pull up a comfy chair and stay awhile.Personally, I loved Catwoman. She always seemed to be having a lot more fun than the good guys (and this is coming from someone with a highly developed childhood obsession with the Batman tv series).

  2. I will never forget that scene in the multi-part episode of “Good Times” where Penny’s birth mother walked towards her with that hot iron. Although Karen can be funny, that voice gets on my nerves. I am glad that Megan Mullally doesn’t talk like that in real life.

  3. welcome to the blog Robin. Cat Woman was cool. I’m less impressed with the movie adaptations than the tv show though.Malcolm – welcome to the blog. I won’t forget that scene either, it is the reason I found it hard to watch the Spiderman show two years later (same actress). As for Karen, not everybody can help the squeak in their voice, but I hear you.

  4. What? No Supergirl?!? Although, I always thought she got shortchanged because they didn’t call her superwoman when she grew up! I liked Wonder Woman and Storm. Catwoman was only so-so for me.Great list and Happy TT!

  5. 😀 welcome to the blog kellydenise – welcome to the blog. sorry no super girl, she was too blonde and goody two shoes for me. Was she on tv? I mean before her insipid reincarnation on Smallville.

  6. welcome Nicholas. Hopefully one or two will inspire you to look them up. 😀 (FYI – Rose is signed on for 3 episodes of the upcoming season.)

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