Stop the Spread of NAFTA

Madre is working in conjunction with Taller de Vida to get the word out about the Bush Administrations’ attemptsbmurial1 to spread a NAFTA like FTA to Colombia before the end of the year. Begun under the Clinton Administration, a modified version of which is still supported by H. Clinton in her economic plans, NAFTA and its derivatives have helped spread neo-liberal economic policies throughout Latin American and the Caribbean resulting in: loss of social programs, lowered educational attainment in general but especially for girls, increased environmental hazards, decreased real wages and employment in the formal sector, dollarization, increased domestic and sexual violence, increased lack of workplace safety, decrease in skill building work and advancement potential, increased gender divisions in the workplace that may spill out into the community, and increased out-migration with its myriad of social impacts on sending nations and migrant populations. A NAFTA inspired FTA in Colombia would exacerbate existing tensions between local unions and exploitative agro-business which already operates on a neo-liberal model. It would also likely increase violence against Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Colombian peoples whose lands are sought after by multi-national corporations. As reported earlier on the blog, these corporations have a long history of using paramilitary violence to get access to land and labor.

You can sign the MADRE petition to stop the spread of FTA in Colombia: here.

You can also help MADRE with its efforts to work in concert with existing women’s social movements by buying items made by women, volunteering, or donating money &/or requested items. Every Fall in my social movements classes I tell my students about that MADRE and other organizations do with women around the globe and ask them to think about ways that they can combine their holiday seasons with social activism. It doesn’t have to be a holiday for all of us to do the same.

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