Austrian Incest Survivor Free After 24 years

Elisabeth was forced into a 650 square foot cellar with no windows in the family home in Austria by her father Josef in 1984. He raped her repeatedly for the next 24 years unchecked by neighbors and his wife, Elisabeth’s mother. During her abuse she bore 7 children, one of whom died days after his birth due to lack of medical care. Josef admits he burned the child’s remains in an oven. All though all of the children were born in the cellar, Josef took three of them into the family home and raised them with Elisabeth’s mother; the other three were banished to the cellar. Despite missing person reports, police did not discover Elisabeth until Josef set her free this weekend. One of the children was sick and in hospital which may explain his behavior.

Josef’s trial is pending. The children have all been taken into custody. Now 42 years-old Elisabeth has been sent to counseling to deal with the abuse that began when she was 11 and took this horrific turn when she was barely 18.

Sadly, this is the second cellar abduction case in the same area. Another girl, Natascha, was kidnapped by a pedophile on her way home from school at age 10. She was held captive in the cellar for 8 years until she was either let go or escaped; her abductor committed suicide that same day. Natascha was found just 2 years before Elisabeth.

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