Monday Music Myopia

To the boy-the-internet-spies-think-I-should-know,

How exactly is it that your radio has no Brick and Lace? That is a serious oversight. Let me help you

Brick and Lace – Love is Wicked

Brick and Lace -Never Never

Tell me that at least one of these songs could not fit in somewhere near the Keyshia Cole y Sean Paul or India. I dare you. (of course if you actually say something I will run screaming from my office yelling “creepy, creepy, creepy.” Don’t take it personally.)


update: (This post was actually written a while ago and tweeked a bit before posting now) So I find myself having to say:  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! creepy! creepy! creepy!

PS. thanks for making me smile with not only your creepily similar music taste but the work you are doing with that group I won’t name here . . .

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