The Congo Every Neo-Colonials’ Fantasy

The UN actually issued a statement condemning the BBC for covering a story about UN Peace Keeping forces acting as guards to GOLD SMUGGLERS in the DRC. So let’s see . . . UN Peace Keepers in the DRC have now been exposed for:

  • exchanging food aid for sexual exploitation of aid recipients girl children
  • videocaming and circulating rape movies of women and girls
  • escorting, feeding, and profiting from gold smugglers

I know the UN has an independent committee charged with investigating all crimes and all of these incidences have been investigated but here’s a thought: screen your workers instead of censoring the media! There is no excuse for re-abusing the people you are there to protect. And when you complain about the public being told about it, you just make the abusers look like the rule rather than the exception.

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