May Day Petition & March


I apologize for putting this on top of an important announcement but I have no other recourse due to the blatant misrepresentation of events and the name calling being done by another blogger with regards to this post. People interested in the event or signing the petition please scroll past the update. The saddest part about this is how he is distracting all readers from the activism scheduled for tomorrow.

Tom at 2015, the person who took my post, continues to misrepresent his actions on his blog. He actually claims that because he did not copy the entire petition, he cannot be held responsible for copying my entire written work as in the part I wrote and is therefore under my copyright. And concluded this misrepresentation by “documenting” his failure to copy the petition (which is not my work) and calling me “delusional.” All tho he has now approved my comment pointing this out for the third time, he followed it by saying “If those last paragraphs are yours . . .” once again trying to mislead readers into thinking that he did not take my entire text. I don’t understand this level of entitlement. But I will not tolerate it either. I sent a very polite email thanking him for the link and reminding of my copyright. All he had to do was announce the petition and the walk from the beginning; barring that, he could have listened to my friendly reminder and fixed the post. Instead something rather simple has been turned into a childish assertion of supremacy that has NO BASIS IN REALITY. I have forwarded the exchange and all posts to my lawyers any future violation of my copyright will be handled by them. If you are unfamiliar with e-evidence firms and you blog, you should get familiar. For instance When Tom changed the text of one of his comments after I said I’d forwarded all the information to my lawyer, they already had snapshots of the originals. And are permanently tracking any changes made to his comments or posts related to this issue. This whole thing is ridiculous. end of update.

Even if you are not a member of the GLBTQ community you can get involved with online petitions or just have conversations with your non-immigrant co-workers about the importance of immigrant rights especially now with the border fence going up and border states reaching new levels of anti-immigrant sentiment/legislation.

If you are looking for ways to participate I have linked to the organizations in the petition, many of them are national organizations with local chapters around the U.S.:


We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, join Allyship in calling upon our sisters and brothers in LGBTQ and allied communities to express solidarity with immigrant peoples of all races and ethnicities in Washington state.

We especially encourage participation in the upcoming Immigrant Workers’ March taking place in Seattle on May 1st organized by Comite’ Pro-Amnistia General Y Justicia Social.

A queer contingent will be marching. We will gathering at 20th & Weller in Seattle between 4:30- 5:30pm on May 1st across from St. Mary’s church (and in front of the food bank). Look for the posters of a pink triangle smashing ICE.

We call upon as many LGBTQ community members as possible to participate in this march. It will proceed to the Seattle Center, where we encourage community members to join us for the rally.

Many people believe that these issues are separate, but for those at the intersections of the queer and immigrants rights movements do not have the luxury to separate their communities. We call on people who believe in true social change to fight for all human rights and all the parts of people’s lives and/or lived realities.

The issues of economic justice for all people need to be examined and how certain “issues” have become wedge issue to further divide the call for true liberation of all people, so we must stand together to fight side by side.

Many immigrants are queer. The reasons for coming to this country are enormously diverse, which may include: harassment based on sexual orientation and/or gender non-conformity, economic oppression, war, family members who are here, economic opportunities.

The struggles that many immigrant communities face parallel struggles that LGBTQ communities have also faced.

For example, while many immigrants enjoy legal status in our country, other hard-working immigrants are considered illegal. We note that many hard-working people who serve in the U.S. military are also considered to be illegal simply on the basis that they are queer.

Justice is sorely lacking for undocumented immigrants in this country who are terrorized by vivid threats of deportation and police raids in their workplaces. Many queers in this country are terrorized by bullies and others who abuse their power.

Many immigrants and queers, especially queer immigrants, have felt the contempt, prejudice, and institutional discrimination from those who are more privileged. We believe vulnerable populations become stronger when we work together toward a better world for all of us.

In this spirit the United Farm Workers- Pacific NW, LELO, the Asian American Labor Alliance– Puget Sound chapter, CARA, African Youth United (Seattle) and many other related groups have often taken strong stances in favor of LGBTQ rights.

May Day is an opportunity for us to express our support for immigrant rights.

Come out and march on May 1st!

If you agree with the sentiment of this letter, please add your name and city. Email to as soon as possible for inclusion in future distributions of this letter.

11 thoughts on “May Day Petition & March

  1. Many immigrants are queer. The reasons for coming to this country are enormously diverse, which may include: harassment based on sexual orientation and/or gender non-conformityYes.. that is wonderful. It really kicks the “they just want what we have” position in the pants. Thanks for that.

  2. I signed the petition and put it on my blog without taking any of your text. Some of us do get the petition is what matters. Sorry Tom isn’t among us.

  3. Hey, I put the petition on my blog. That Tom guy is just trying to tank everyone’s efforts b/c he got caught. what an ass.

  4. thanks for posting this. Tom needs to get a life. Just reading the comments shows he keeps changing his story while yours stays exactly the same. Gee, I can’t figure out who is lying . . . as a white man, I apologize for him.

  5. funny. Amandagate = doesn’t cite woc on immigration issues, Tom = doesn’t cite woc on immigration issues. What’s so hard for them to get about immigration?

  6. it’s obvious he won’t stop as long as you talk back. He’s trying to drown out the truth with noise. yep that really helps the cause.

  7. thanks for posting this and not taking it down or letting him get away with trying to tank it just because you asked him to use his own words. what is important is supporting immigrants not his ego.

  8. I am going to the rally! I have a lot of respect for you in the face of all his baiting. don’t let it get you down.

  9. support immigrants or pick a fight? support immigrants or pick a fight? support . . . nah, I’d rather pick a fight it will drive up the blog stats. I agree with Cassidy, white queers should all hang their heads in shame for Tom since he is too much of an ass to do it himself.

  10. everybody – welcome to the blog. thanks for the support. I’ve said all I’m going to say about this now. If it happens again – the docs are there for this time too. If he keeps spinning yarns to cover his tracks he’ll have to do it alone. All I can say is I asked nicely – a comment he never approved – and tho I spoke out of frustration after that . . . the whole thing was out of line. The fact he has started changing the record is even worse. And I cannot and will not monitor those changes anymore – that is what e-doc lawyers are for.For the record: I didn’t ask for an apology. I didn’t ask him to take it down. I did not even ask him to write his own words to intro the petition (which is clearly marked by the caps, red, caption like many of my posts forwarding letters or petitions). All I did was say thanks for the link and mention the copyright. What is important, as many of you say, is the immigration rally tomorrow. I just hope enough people read the petition and signed it instead of being distracted.

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