Dr. Who has a kid?!

In episode 6/7 of the series, a newcomer with extraordinary athletic abilities and knowledge about aliens arrives on the scene. While both Martha and Donna look on incredulous the Doctor announces that she “came from [him]”; Jenny, pictured at right, confirms with “Hi dad!” Pay attention to the language in that first quote and you will find the catch. Dr. Who’s “kid” is played by real life daughter of a former Dr. Who actor, Davidson; surprise, surprise, she also auditioned for the role of Rose. I won’t spill the rest except to say don’t let that first 5 minutes fool you . . . Dr. Who is a father. I am sure you can find the rest online if you really don’t want to wait to watch.

Oh yes. I promised to squash all the Martha “takes Rose’s leftovers” rumors on the internet. Tom is not Rose’s ex Mickey, renamed Tom in some parallel universe storyline. As I said before, shame on anyone so desperate to put the only two major black actors on the series together that they fell for that one. Tom Milligan, the man Martha spent a year with saving the universe when the Doctor was captured by the Master, is her fiance.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Who has a kid?!

  1. hee hee . . . if you are watching in the states I am reporting on episodes at least three ahead of where you are in the storyline . . . Has Martha shown up yet? (the daughter arrives in the third Martha episode)

  2. The episode didn’t turn out so badly in the end, I think. David Tennant certainly acted his heart out in the episode, even if the plot itself was a little thin.

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