Another Reason Not to Vote McCain


jmMcCain’s perpetual war in the Middle East will not only continue policies that disempower female veterans, female contractors, and Iraqi and Afghan women and girls but will also be putting newborns at risk. McCain, a Vietnam veteran, should know better than anyone what chemical weapons did to the health of children born during and immediately following the Vietnam war. Veterans of the first Iraq war have given repeated testimony to “phantom ailments” that have left them debilitated and destitute, unable to work, often in constant pain. Yet here we are facing a choice between a president who voted against war and one who promises to be there for 100 years. Here we are looking at another report about the impact of chemical weapons on children in the war zone.

According to a new report, babies born in Fallujah after the deployment of chemical weapons in the area “are showingiraqi_dead_baby illnesses and deformities on a scale never seen before.” Infant mortality in the region is at an all time high. While the Pentagon claimed to have done nothing out of the ordinary, they finally admitted to using banned weapons (white phosphorous) and regularly used toxic weapons (depleted uranium) in the area. It is likely that if they used it there, they likely used it elsewhere. The impact to women and children in Fallujah is now being documented, the impact to female soldiers exposed probably won’t be for years.

When you claim to care about women’s rights and yet refuse to vote Democrat this election, you are saying that none of this matters.

for more on this story: read here.


4 thoughts on “Another Reason Not to Vote McCain

  1. hey there missprofe. 😀 I think what concerns me most is that McCain is willing to say and commit to anything to win this election as well as his comments about the war, immigration, marriage, reproductive choice, his stand on global warming, support of corporate welfare but not social programs, etc. He does not scare me as much as he makes me take a deep, deep, breath, and wonder if there is anywhere that is safe in this world if we continue on the path Bush has set for us. . . .

  2. It’s a strong reminder that whoever leads the US can intimately affect the lives of people around the world. I hope that people who are even considering McCain think of this.

  3. “US can intimately affect the lives of people around the world” that is well-said. we can and we do and so we do have to think globally whenever we act.

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