Dr. Who and Torchwood Too

As regular readers know, I am a big Dr. Who and Torchwood fan. I have not written much about this season of the Doctor because I have not been that impressed by rehashed sci fi plots and giant wasp love affairs, and I love the genre enough not to openly mock them. So trust me when I tell you that if you watch no other episodes this season you must watch 4.08 and 4.09 airing over the next two weeks in the states. These episodes are intelligently written, well acted, full of suspense, and better still great clues to the future of the show (tho not as clever as they think – I know who she is). There is also a constant reference to “spoilers” throughout both episodes, and I will take heed to the clever way they have asked us not to spoil what is ahead and simply say: watch.

While you can feel free to skip the following episode (4.10), it’s been done to death and is quite boring, do not miss the finale and the Christmas episode. These are reportedly Tennant’s last moments with the series and all though I have not been impressed with the butched-up Tennant this season, I am going to miss him. He was really all the best quirky bits of Doctors past and it is a shame to lose any part of him. And no, I am still not happy about his rumored replacement who I love as an actor and who I think stinks as the choice for the Dr.

(Rose Tyler fans, she officially returns 4.11 – in the states that is 2-3 weeks away. And as reported before Martha will be in the finale. If you are a Tennant fan, you must not miss 4.12)

Speaking of losing . . . I have no such loyalty to Torchwood anymore so here come the “spoilers.” After the large outcry from fans about proposed changes to the show and a rather untenable idea of mounting a full season without much Capt. Jack the decision has been made to turn Torchwood into a mini-series. Next season will be one 5 episode storyline imagined as a one week event (likely to be a 5 week event in the states). As I’ve said before, Martha and Gwen will both be on board with Jack and Ianto. I haven’t been able to find out what the changes mean for Marsters who said he was onboard for series 3 before the final configuration was put together. There has been no word as to whether any future “mini-series” are in the works or if this is the last hurrah for the groundbreaking science fiction show. All I can say is, Shame on Barrowman’s ego. Shame. Shame.

The stint the entire team puts in at the Doctor Who finale is priceless by the way. Ianto gets to snark. Gwen gets to worry. Jack gets to make smarmy references about 3-ways, or is that 4-ways . . . ? I do so love his chemistry with Martha as well, you get the respect and the care their every time. Please oh please rethink the mini-series madness BBC.

(Oh and Here! Network, please set your writers, directors, and budget folks to getting us a good queer scifi show. Spend the money that is needed to get a solid cast and proper effects; hire the people from Torchwood if you have to. I trust you to fix Torchwood’s absence for all of us should that ultimately be what happens at the end of the miniseries.)


3 thoughts on “Dr. Who and Torchwood Too

  1. Why “Shame on Barrowman’s ego?” This was NOT his decision. He’s always said he wanted to do a series three AND four. I remember reading an interview earlier this year where he said he didn’t know what was happening with series three, but whatever the BBC decided, he’d go along with. Blame the BBC, not JB.

  2. nina welcome to the blog. I never said this was Barrowman’s sole fault. Please read my “me pone cranky” post about why people need to actually read what I wrote before commenting based on gut reaction.If you read this blog, you will see that I have done nothing but praise Torchwood and Barrowman since the show started. Also if you read the Torchwood post prior to this one, you will see what exactly I am referring to when I say shame on him. As reported in most of the trades, he was known to have been complaining about the length of the Torchwood season and had floated doing a shorter one (tho not this short), the option being toyed with by the producers and directors was to have him appear less often. This was all discussed publicly at the end of series 2.My source is an in camp; however, like most people with inside info, I have kept it to myself until the first interview with the Directors about series 3 went to print. Might I suggest you check: the scifi magazine interviews with cast and crew at the end of series two, the trades out of the UK also at the end of series two, and recent interviews with the Directors about series 3 for a start. As for Barrowman’s ego, this is so well documented that it is a running joke with British comics, and sometimes Barrowman himself. The last ego joke I know of was a few weeks ago on the BBCAmerica broadcast of Graham Norton show.You can like an actor’s performance, the show in which he is the star, and hope to see him take up most of the on air time, and still report the truth about what is going on there. Just because you don’t like what you hear, or b/c you have a source that quotes Barrowman saying what actors say all the time when they are in negotiations (including ones who have already quit), does not make it untrue.

  3. I just wanted to add that I am not placing “blame” on anyone in this situation. Actors, writers, directors, all quit or move on. They grow in different directions or have offers that matter more. Ultimately they are all human and they have the right to choose lives that best serve them and not to just sit around entertaining us. There is talk that Tennant’s work schedule cost his personal life dearly for instance and I am sure he is looking forward to a schedule that allows him a little more time to himself. I actually really love Torchwood and I would hate to see the show go on at the cost of its integrity, intensity, or promise (and some of the ideas floated prior to now would have done that in my opinion). I’ve seen a lot of shows march on when the writers have left or gotten bored, when the actors have quit or are working under protest, or hate each other, or when the budgets have been slashed . . . better to end on a high. FYI – the cast of Torchwood will be in the final episodes of Dr. Who this season as well; I may have already said that in a previous post, but just to let people know this the last chance to see the Torchwood team, Martha, Rose, and the Dr. played by David Tennant all in the same place. Damn that Bad Wolf!!

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