The Quicklist

  • Another woman repeatedly gang raped while neighbors do nothing (PA)
  • Missing Madeleine case maybe closed (Portugal)
  • VA releases report on women’s health improvements (US)
  • UN adds Sexual Violence as Weapon of War to their list of Security Issues
  • haters exploit the Clinton-Obama supporters rift (FL)
  • TR Knight dating a 19 year old (CA)

PA – htp call from a friend – A 20 year old black woman was repeatedly raped overnight by 3 assailants in her ground floor duplex apartment on Wednesday. Despite an assault that lasted nearly 4 hours, her neighbors (including the black woman living in the other half of the plex) heard her screams but did not call police. Like the Dunbar Village case of last year, the 20 year old ultimately walked alone in the street to the police station after the attack to report what no one else cared to. Police have released a description of the assailants that is so nondescript that it could be any black man in N. America: 3 black men, one possibly named Gary, original attacker is 5’6″, medium complexion, and thin build, another is heavy set, last one was wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt.

Portugal – Madeleine McCann went missing at a Portuguese resort last year with the investigation reaching international attention because of the parents’ email awareness campaign and the subsequent support of British celebrities. Earlier this year, McCann’s parents became official suspects as a result of new blood spatter evidenced found by Scotland Yard investigators assisting with the case. It now seems that the Portuguese police may shelf the case as no new evidence nor suspects (a third man was named along with the parents a while ago) have been uncovered. The decision will be based on whether or not their is significant evidence to charge current suspects, remove their suspect status, and/or continue with the investigation.

US Veterans Association – There has been a lot of talk recently about the VA’s inadequate services for women veterans based on a lack of women’s health specialists working at the VA, lack of gender specific equipment and privacy policies, and limited gender based violence services. The VA has released a “civilian friendly” lecture about the research findings and plan to improve service. You can watch it here.

UN – The UN announced on June 19 that it would now view sexual violence as a specific weapon of war. This decision further strengthens the International Violence Against Women Act and the gender competence of relief and peacekeeping responses to war and conflict zones. In the U.S., this may help with the passing of bills previously mentioned on the blog to provide asylum, services, and prosecutions of their attackers found on US soil for women survivors of war related sexual violence.

Florida – Vandals in Florida spray painted several SUVs with racial slurs, racists comments, and general derision of Obama this weekend. They also left business cards with minor criticisms of McCain and saying they were Clinton supporters. Despite the media’s willingness to report this as “angry Clinton supporters” run amuck, it should be fairly clear that this is an attempt to foster more antagonism in the democratic party based on white supremacy. The racial slurs were visible from the street, the business cards were not; the racial slurs actually damaged the vehicles and ensured media attention, the business cards could be removed or maybe even blew away. By attributing these things to Clinton, moments after a joint visit by Clinton and Obama, the perpetrators also seized on existing momentum and perception that is sadly related to the actions of some democrats. My biggest concern is not the tactic itself, which has become all too familiar, but rather the ongoing silence or silencing of women who are Obama supporters and white women Clinton supporters who have not espoused racism. As I keep saying, we need to get in front of the media circus and take the word “woman” back from not only the media but also the bigots.

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