Missing Girl Found Dead

It is with sadness that I have to report that yet another young woman was found dead despite a frantic search to find her.

Brooke Bennett, age 12, went missing a week ago in Vermont. Her 42 year old uncle, Micheal Jacques, is suspected of kidnapping her with the intent of inducting her into a sex trafficking ring/sex club of which he is a part. Another teenage witness, 14, said she was present when Jacques convinced Brooke she was going to a party only to take her to be initiated into the sex ring. She also said she left Jacques home moments after he took the girl upstairs and never saw her again. The girl has accused Jacques of initiating her into the sex ring when she was 9 years old. According to her statement the group consisted of several local area men and their friends sexually abusing chosen girls in the area from childhood forward.

Brooke’s step-father, Raymond Gangon, may also be part of the sex ring. All though police currently have no evidence linking him to the ring, they have charged him with obstruction of justice and note that he frequently came up to VT from his new TX home for reasons unknown. Gangon admits to having accessed and altered Brooke’s myspace page after her disappearance with the goal of making it look like she had run off with a fictional boy she met online. He also used her computer to access pornography. Both of these activities would lend themselves to the common narrative of girls being lured away by internet predators who engage in increasingly sexualized discourse with them prior, including the sending and receiving of pornography. It is possible Gangon hoped this would throw police of the family’s trail.

Baker was arrested Saturday on charges of sexual abuse of a separate minor. He claimed he was not guilty of the abuse charges nor of kidnapping Brooke and refused to cooperate in locating her prior to the finding of the body. He had previously provided the police with some of Brooke’s clothes, supposedly found in the dirt near the convenient store where Brooke was last seen. Police listed the clothes condition as suspicious and now think it was part of the attempt to throw them off that ultimately helped them figure out who was responsible. Brooke’s body was found on land just outside of baker’s property.

My thoughts go out to her mother and friends who searched frantically for her and who must now deal with a loss that maybe much wider than they know.

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