Google and Viacom are Run by Satan

Oh blog readers you make much fun of me for ranting about google products and all their evil little cookies tracking everything that you do. Many of you have ignored my pleas not to switch over to the blog comment software that uses login data, to avoid google search engines, and to check pages for javascript spyware (colleges love those), all b/c they are watching and logging your every key stoke. They have even provided “misinformation” about their privacy protections to hide their evil snooping databanks. Even more of you missed that important warning about what the alliance between google and myspace means for feminist voices who do not want sexist ads attached to their pages over at Sudy’s. What Sudy only implies, as it is secondary to the link between abusive links between race and gender these ads represent, is that those ads are generated by spyware that picks up on often used words in the page and it also plants spyware on the desktops of page visitors. But now you will have to listen: Viacom has just forced Google to hand over its user log for youtube. User log? Blink?!? Yep, evil google has been keeping track of everything you do on youtube without your consent and now Viacom is going to use it first to go after copyright infringement and then no doubt to bombard you with targeted products. Oh, and while I am complaining about google, did you know that they provide none of those “google is the best place to work” perks to their janitorial staff and when called on it they said “oh, but, ummm, they are independently contracted” mmmhmmmm tell it to the people who cannot feed their kids on the sub-contract wages. (google has since supplemented the wages of janitorial staff hired by them but not those sub-contracted workers.)

This paranoid rant has been brought to you by the usually sane Professor Black Woman. Don’t let the tone fool you.

read more about the court decision here.

6 thoughts on “Google and Viacom are Run by Satan

  1. welcome to the blog Jason. I think they are both evil. Viacom could not demand that info if google weren’t collecting it without our consent.

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