Another Farmworker Dies: Ramiro Rodriguez

There is no excuse for this many people to die in the name of cheap produce and wine. No excuse for the failure of the state government that is aware, made promises & passed laws to protect, & still DOES NOTHING WHILE PEOPLE DIE!!!!!! Ramiro Rodriguez leaves behind 2 teenage children. Please give to the family so that they don’t end up falling thru the cracks in a nation that does not care. Sign the petition to the governor, then call him up and tell him that one death is one too many but an average of 1 person dead/ 2 wks for the last two months is unacceptable; he is personally responsible for doing NOTHING. My objectivity is out the window and in light of the death toll I’m not going to apologize.

3 thoughts on “Another Farmworker Dies: Ramiro Rodriguez

  1. The governator and the corporate powers that be treat these workers like they are expendable. As long as more workers are pushed into these situations by worsening economic conditions from their countries of origin, be in Mexico, Honduras, wherever, we will likely continue to see this.

  2. it never stops. despite all the rhetoric about worker’s rights and anti-neo-slavery in this country some people can be worked to death and the beat just goes on.(I edited this comment b/c my ranting was not helpful)

  3. I haven’t calmed down from your last post on the empty promises, and now this. To build on adriana’s points, those same corporate powers create conditions like these all over the world. When I moved to the US a decade ago, I remember my shock at finding how farm workers here labor under conditions similar to Filipino peasants. ‘Cause I figured this was a rich country and all that. Oh, another similarity between the two countries? The apathy from the general public.

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