Best Quote This Week and it’s Only Monday!!!!

I love this one.

“IF you are in a room full of white people and me. I don’t make it diverse.”

Black Amazon

(I got this image from the human resource multimanagement consulting group which does diversity trainings for companies. What I love about it is how it speaks to what types of diversity they can teach and which ones they cannot. And how if we expand the definition of woman beyond white and able-bodied, they do not even have that piece covered . . .

And no I didn’t miss that one woman is older than the others. She is the only representation of older people in the photo. I could have a field day deconstructing why this photo fails on so many levels to convey diversity in any significant way, and that is why I chose it to accompany BA’s quote.

Yep. That is why I feel confident BA’s got the quote win for the entire week even tho it is only Monday.)

8 thoughts on “Best Quote This Week and it’s Only Monday!!!!

  1. Hello there!I love that quote… Many whites DO think that they can have a room full of whites and one Latino, one black and one lesbian and NOW they have diversity!!Not just that…So many white people believe that if they find a person of color who has been fully indoctrinated in white culture, white socialization and white appeasement then they have “branched out” in embracing ANOTHER CULTURE!Spare me of their folly…pleeeeease! *LOL*{chuckles}Lisa

  2. Pfsh. Interesting the shallow depth of field, with the camera focus solely on the white male. I mean, how obvious can the tokenism be, really?The “default” person of color is almost always male, and he/she is always a sidekick to the white male. And then there are conventionally attractive, young white females also flanking the white male. It’s so predictable.

  3. I just don’t think the tools we’ve been using to teach what inclusive and equitable society looks like and how it is built are working. I mean that photo came from a diversity training website !?!As an educator, I’m deeply concerned about why WS continues to produce women who think that white, middle class, able bodied, urban experience is normative and everything else is “in addition to” and that they should be praised for occasionally raising those issues. Or that, as you put it, they have one or two friends from a different background but who are white-middle-class-urban-identified. The flip side is the people I went to school with as a child who made sure to find the most “ghetto” person they could to take to parties and home for dinner b/c it reaffirmed their sense of difference and superiority and made for the “ultimate rebellion.” I’m invested in a better way. I want to be challenged and challenge on how to do that, so I don’t just settle for “replacing the furniture” in the master’s house with my own. So I don’t meet tokenization with anger and disdain but use that anger as a teachable for the people doing the tokenizing as well as my students. White supremacy is its own special kind of beast, but in academe, I am constantly reminded that they have taught the rest of us far too well and far too many just want a room full of people that look like them and one woman, one lesbian, one . . . so they can say they aren’t just redecorating.

  4. WHy thank you!and it came from a general nuisance of peopel wondering why I avoid pictures at all costs in certian places.

  5. hey BA, you’re welcome. Your comment just made me think, have I ever been photographed to prove someone has black friends or there is a black employee? . . . friends no. job yes. And now the reason why Dr. Crackhead wanted my photo comes clear. . . . What you say always makes me think; bless you. 😀

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