Quicklist – The Moronitos Edition

  • Anglican Church bans first ordained minister from critical meeting
  • Bernie Mac and his sexist jokes @ Obama event
  • The New Yorker Thinks its Funny

Anglican Church – The Anglican Church nearly came undone in 2003 over the first out Archbishop and the move toward being completely open and accepting of the queer community is more than half of its U.S. based churches. All though the split was later avoided, the recent decision to ban this same person from a once a decade meeting of the Anglican Church threatens to rip the Church apart again. The people who made the decision claim it was not homophobia but the desire to keep the meeting from focusing on the “homosexual question” that prompted their actions. Well guess what? Should’ve read the stone passage b/c now the meeting is likely to discuss nothing else.

Bernie Mac – Native Chicagoan Bernie Mac opened for an Obama event last week with some sexist material. He was not only booed from the audience floor but also promptly reprimanded by Obama when he came to the stage to speak. Mac responded by saying he was just joking. It is not hard to find sexism lurking in most comedians acts in a nation where the oldest joke is “take my wife please.” TV shows like Last Comic Standing (which has at least one comedian each year whose entire schtick is sexist & others that invite you to laugh at racial or ethnic jokes), Chapelle Show, or Mind of Mencia all rely on sexism and racism/ethnic j/ks. At least two late night Talk Show hosts’ jokes consistently rely on demeaning women and the queer community. Regardless of America’s double standard, the Obama camp knew what Mac’s show is like and should have known better than to book anyone with sexism in their act. I would like to see Obama stop doing the right thing in reaction, ie immediate condemnation of actions after the fact, and start being proactive.

The New Yorker – Printed the cover below not only depicting the Obamas as terrorists occupying the White House but centering the anxiety inducing fist tap that occupied white Americans for far too long.

It was pretty clear to me when it was going on that the fist tap conversations were all about the fear that black people have a special language white people are not privy too, but the New Yorker just brought the message home. Not only is the image centered relying on this fear, but also the burning flag in the fireplace implying that a black president in the White House will be the downfall of America; think that thru . . . what does America mean if blackness means America is burning? And the Angela Davis, Black Panther, Afro that also signals a certain kind of black nationalism that generally strikes fear in most uneducated white people’s minds and which Michelle has never had. (Altho why it has blonde highlights is anyone’s guess; what is she militant barbie?) Let’s be clear, the Obamas are way too bourgeois and multi-culti to be Nat Turner & Elaine Brown, so calm down. Complaints can be sent here. htp abw

11 thoughts on “Quicklist – The Moronitos Edition

  1. Re: Blonde highlightsI read it as a literal interpretation of Dr. Davis’s hair. It’s been a year or two since I saw her last, but her hair (I don’t know if you can call it an afro anymore– it sort of has a more natural shape to it now) IS tinged with light brown….Did you note the portrait of Osama over the fireplace?Also, what do you make of this nonsense:”Does it frost Jackson, Jesse Jackson, that someone like Obama, who fits the stereotype blacks once labeled as an Oreo — a black on the outside, a white on the inside — that an Oreo should be the beneficiary of the long civil rights struggle which Jesse Jackson spent his lifetime fighting for?” -John McLaughlin (question posed to his roundtable)

  2. Just a quick correction: There have been out (and active!) LBGT clergy for ages. The gentleman who was banned from Lambeth, and who all the fuss is being had over, is a bishop. And, for what it’s worth, Archbishop Rowan also disinvited the homophobic fool who is going around calling himself the Nigerian bishop to America (he is not NIgerian at all — the only connection is that the head of the Nigerian church is the only one willing to break all the rules and try to extend his authority outside his national borders by claiming American priests are actually “his” bishops on “mission” to the US) and sowing dissent among the US churches.

  3. HM – I’m sorry, in the Catholic church Archbishops are clergy (upper clergy as opposed to priest who are lower clergy but upper and lower haven’t really been used in the vernacular since the 17th century). I’ve fixed it.How do you see these two things as related? 1. the failure to admit an archbishop on the basis of his sexuality and 2. the failure to admit an archbishop on the basis of his invention of a non-existent church sect named after a nation to which he does not belong and to extend his own authority over it and all other sects.SV – Missed the mantle image. Good eyes.I was referring to Angela Davis circa the Black Panther period when she was hunted by the government and subsequently arrested. Academic Davis has actually had blonde highlights in her hair as well as having brown hair as you mention. My point is that both Davis and Turner, in their respective radical periods, inspired fear of insurrection and destruction of white hegemony on the basis of both paranoia and actual militancy. The Obamas are the recipients of the latter but certainly not guilty of the former by any means. They are neither terrorists nor militants. So how does the NYer image express a certain kind of race based anxiety about the meaning of N. Americanness and the place, or lack thereof, of blackness within it?

  4. Hello there! I think that Bernie Mac should have taken a cue from Chris Rock when Chris Rock hosted the Oscars a few years ago….Chris intentionally modified his stand up routine for a different audience…Bernie Mac could have been invited to do the Oscars after this event if he had demonstrated a broader range of “comedy” at this high profile gathering… instead… he just stood up there and delivered his usual “ghetto schtick” and his routine completely TANKED…{shaking my head}Lisa

  5. Aghh, this cover for the magazine is repulsive. Can you believe, there is a white male author who wrote an article, trying to say that the cover is “satire” and that “only the basest among us” don’t “get it”:http://news.aol.com/political-machine/2008/07/14/new-yorkers-obama-cover-touches-nerve/27#commentsOnly the “basest” among us wouldn’t “get it”? Really?? If most Americans are “not getting it” then that’s some pretty lousy excuse for satire, no? With all of the racist campaigning against Obama and Michelle (and I am not even a fan at all) just about any blatant racism against blacks and Muslims is possible in the media today. So what is it about this cover that’s so “satirical”? This image is either of two things: straight up racist and Islamophobic; or, if it is “satire,” doesn’t do the job at all.The author of this article is just a snob who likes to believe he “gets it” and no one else does. Good job at being a first-class arrogant jerk, Knowles.And, yes, Angela Davis does indeed have some lighter brown highlights in her afro, so the drawing is definitely an allusion to that. I am becoming so ashamed of this country, it’s incredible.

  6. I agree Mac did have the option to change his jokes for a different audience, but I guess part of what I am arguing is that the audience for sexist jokes runs across race, class, and political allegiance. What got him in trouble was that he misread the venue (high brow event means they can’t laugh) and that Obama is already on the defense about his gender positions. They both screwed up. To me, I think this incident is an opportunity to discuss what Obama needs to work on as well as what N. American culture let’s slide when it wants and when and where it doesn’t want to. And to also use it as an opening to discuss sexism in comedy.

  7. I think the tactic of calling offense satire and claiming that people who don’t get it are ignorant is pretty regular these days. I’ve written on it in other cases including the “hunting asians” article from UC Boulder. The bottom line is that liberals think that being liberal means they can say and do any number of oppressive things and then fall back on how “evolved they are” and their “black friend/gay friend” and their activism whenever called on their stuff. It is just like Downey Jr. saying that his blackface isn’t offensive b/c it is satire. We are not in a place in this country where blackface is satirical.As for the Davis issue, as I said before, I am referring to a specific period of militancy b/c militancy is what is being mobilized in this image. Go get her autobiography and look at it. Her afro does not have blonde highlights, this drawing does.

  8. I think the point was pretty clear afro=militant=danger in this country. What’s interesting to me in what you wrote is not the blond issue, m/b b/c I’m old enough to remember the Angela you mention, but all of the ways you show that the story is black=militant=irrational white fear and that hair was one of those. The whole point of black nationalism was to get away from the idea we had to make ourselves more white – no braids, no naturals. It’s like we had this blossoming of naturals for a long time and now we’re back to fried, dyed, laid to the side BUT with blond extensions. So if we really aren’t going to talk about all the ways this image is wrong, then let’s at least talk about hair in a useful way. geez.There is nothing militant about blond AND there is no similarity between blond and brown. So what is going on? Better yet is that important?

  9. lolo- I kind of wish I hadn’t mentioned it at this point. I too would have preferred conversation about the overall messages of the image and what that means. I’ve been really concerned about how easy it is for liberals to make racist comments and jokes this election and then *believe*, not just say, but believe they did nothing wrong, We really need to develop a way of talking about bigotry across the political spectrum and of teaching people to be self-aware and self-critical especially with regards to oppression.Thanks for breaking down my point about irrational fear/perception and why I found it undermined by the addition of blond streaks. M/b the artist is too young to remember the proud 70s feminist with her natural hair and the many defiant images of her in posters, magazines, signs, popart, as well as how amazingly the Panther women (note I mentioned Brown here as well) mobilized this image and made it a source of pride and power. Why is black pride such a source of white anxiety?

  10. I just sent a very heated email to The New Yorker and got an autoreply stating that the cover was purely satirical, and the point was to “… hold a mirror to prejudice, the hateful, and the absurd”. Say what? This actually reminds me of a editorial cartoon published last year in the University of Kentucky student newspaper. The image shows an Black male in chains being auctioned to white fraternities. Again the claim was made that the cartoon was actually a commentary on recruiting practices of white fraternities on college campuses. I’m sorry but when did we start equating racist ignorance with satirical creativity?? I’m outright disgusted and pissed off!!

  11. I think now that both the Post and MSNBC have come out against the image, they will have to be less flippant in their answer. Satire has a very specific definition and they failed to meet it. The problem is that we have gotten to a point in this country that the Left thinks they can do no wrong, including never be oppressive, so when they are called on it the answer is always that you are ignorant. I’m not championing the Right mind you but at least they’re clear when they are offensive.

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