Female Soldier Found Alive

After the number of female soldiers that have been tortured and killed lately, I did not hold out high hopes for Jeneesa Lewis who was kidnapped from TX Friday night by her husband. So, it is both with surprise and joy that I report, Jeneesa Lewis is still alive and her husband is in jail.

Lewis planned to leave her husband of two years because of violent abuse that may have predated the marriage.  She had gathered her things, planned her escape, and then . . . disappeared. When soldiers from her unit got worried and contacted police, they found her hotel room in shambles and blood on the carpet and wall.

After kidnapping her and taking her across state lines, Clinton Lewis is believed to have stabbed Jeneesa twice and left her for dead.  He had made her a promise shortly after their wedding that if she ever left, he would kill her. He then returned to TX to turn himself in.

Janeesa is alive and back with her three children.  Her resilience is amazing. She is currently providing evidence for the trial of Clinton Lewis.  I hope that her case is handled with seriousness it warrants and not just dismissed as another “domestic dispute.”

for more about the case read here.

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