Do You Know: What is the Organization that supports . . .

I am resurrecting the “Do You Know” posts as promised. Here’s how it works for new readers:

  • I post a basic outline of contributions to women’s equality made by a single individual woman or organization that is not generally taught in WS
  • everybody pools their knowledge about who she or they are
  • everybody gets to know a little bit more about the people we should all know
  • 7 days later I post a more in depth piece on the person or organization revealing who she/they were.

Today’s did you know is an organization:

What is the organization that supports sustainable community, arts, leadership development, and renewal for Indigenous women based in Texas?

It includes an herb and vegetable garden, kiln and pottery studio, and retreat. It is also the location of an annual summer youth retreat to strengthen young girls as well as a mixed gender arts camp to strengthen cultural knowledge and ties.

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