Quickies: The Lazy Edition

I promised my gf that I would help her with an alternative funding workshop for a new queer youth providers network today so my head is full of ways to build and sustain community (including pay for its needs) outside of an insitutionalized framework. What has been interesting about it is that I am drawing from a series of oddly complimentary sources: tithing and community pools, Incite!s work on the non-profit-indutrial complex, AWID’s work on sustaining feminist community through alternative funds (started at one of their amazing conference/retreats that I had the privilege to attend), and . . . the Obama campaign. I’ve even made cartoon illustrations w/this new anime software! (it’s Saturday, everybody needs cartoons.)

My point? Do I have one? It is blog light here at the spot. So I thought I’d send you to some readings related to some of the topics here in the past few weeks:

  • queer community needs your help to build a new safe space for youth in Montreal – they lost their lease, previous efforts did not pan out, but now they have done a survey of the area youth’s needs and wants (ie they actually asked and partnered with youth not just providers) and now they need you.
  • The prison-industrial-complex and the dismantling of radical cultural movements – if you don’t know that policing and the prison system were used to destabilize most of the radical cultural movements in the U.S., this article should only be a light snack on your way to the library. I want to encourage readers to think beyond the “perfect victim” complex (ie that in order to care about people who are marginalized, oppressed, and/or abused they have to be as innocent as new born babes.)
  • DN’s Report from Unity 2008 – a discussion about poc’s roles and relationship to the media with Roberto Lavato (journalist on immigration issues), Amy Alexander, and Alfred Knobler (authors of a forth coming book on race and media)
  • SA African woman named head of the UNHCR – she takes her place just as discussion of how to handle the recent indictment of a sitting president for Human Rights violations is underway.
  • Insurance company denies repro choice benefits in NY – women seeking or having received infertility treatment were having their insurance claims consistently denied by Health Now Insurance. Like so many other providers these days, the company felt they had the right to decide what counts as legitimate women’s health and what does not. Another reason why we need regime change in Washington for those of you who are still confused.

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