Quote of the Week


Edward don’t lick Max


While this movie was panned by many critiques, if you were able to stick through the dragging beginning, it is actually quite cute. One of the boys stuck it in my bag yesterday morning to make up for traumatizing me with his Wed. movie night selection Good Boys. Unlike that movie, Penelope actually is a romance. When we got home from the training he said, he’d picked it b/c of this other quote about the moral of the movie :

Rich people suck.


Clearly we know each other far too well. 😀

Some day soon, or so I keep saying, I am going to write a review of Shelter and Nina’s Heavenly Delights, both romances that make my wee little heart go “ahhh” and maybe I’ll add Penelope in as well.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. ummm . . . I didn’t say good. it’s cute. and you should be warned in advance that I love most of the actors in this film for most of their previous work especially James McAvoy and Ricci b/c of Mermaids and therefore am inclined to forgive much.

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