And While I’m Talking About Powerful Women: Teatro Luna

I decided to cut this out of the previous post and make it its own to make sure you saw it. Here’s the link again: Teatro Luna.

If you are a Latina interested in theater living in the Chicago area make sure you click the Teatro Luna link in this post. The work they do is amazing and the mentoship they provide can be invaluable to your work. The blending of auto and traditional ethnography, cultural criticism, activism, feminism, humor and theater arts in their work is always a pleasure to watch.

Here is one of my favorite examples of their work on masculinity, queerness, and denial in the Latino community from their multiple award nominated play Macho (based on interviews with Latinos about learning to be men):

They are doing a special repeat performance of the sold out play, Macho, right now. 😀 I’m telling you me and the boys sing part of this song while we clean the house more times than not. It’s a great play.

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