New Year, New Look

So now that

  • my gf has called to tell me my stuff is safely delivered to our new house (remember the roach motel stories of last year?)
  • Dean GQ (one of the boys and owner of la casa) and I are starting to look at each other like vendido and idealista/estupidia again (don’t worry this happens every year since we became academics)
  • our neighbor Endowed Chair of The Study of All Things Brown is too busy to even come over for movie night
  • and my undergrads actually expect me to be in my office next week to tell them if they can graduate this term (umm, I have two more weeks of “I don’t know you” bliss kids) . . .

I thought it was time to quit being in denial and give the blog a wee make over.


If the past few weeks have been any indication, both the beautiful and the ugly of academe will surround us all this upcoming year. Oh how I look forward to it.

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